Mariann Rosa

Frikkin’ Fantastic (Single)

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Mariann Rosa’s new ‘Sci-Fi pop’ single ‘Frikkin Fantastic’

At Just Listen To This, we try to operate an aural open door policy, so that we get to hear whatever is going on in the world and try then to connect you our listeners with new material and fresh acts you may not encounter elsewhere…this performer is already well-known in her native Norway and across Europe. Not least because she was a judge on ‘Idol’ on Norwegian TV and is a DJ – but more of this in a pending chat piece with Mariann over lunch in Soho (watch this space)

As front girl for electro pop-rockers Surferosa, Rosa found herself on gigs with the likes of Electric Six and The Killers, playing in the States and the Far East. The interview will give more on this. Surferosa had a kind of supercharged early Blondie sound BUT to my ears were as much a nod to The Runaways at times, as evidenced by hit singles such as ‘Neon Commando’ and the infernally catchy ‘Lucky Lipstick’. She is something of a fashion figure with her striking choices of attire but not just someone who likes the spotlight for its own sake, however photogenic she may be.

What we have here is a new single which I think will be on her brand new album ‘Hype’. Quite different form her previous release the bonkers ‘Banjo For My Bitches’ – not a song Aled Jones will be covering, I surmise – and its way-out accompanying crazy video (we’ll steer you to it below) , the ‘Frikkin’ Fantastic’ song starts out with bleepy electronica backed by harsh fuzz guitar and a strident verse, dropping into a woozy keyboard figure and clattery handclapping beats. Devo meets Blondie but twisted somewhere else, with its conspiratorial vocal delivery. Then at 2:27 the whole sound mutates into a richer rockier backdrop with a 4/4 beat. A bit of a trip, but catchy in an arcane way and not lacking energy. It’s not what other artists are pursuing, that’s for sure. Rosa is fascinated by 80s keyboard sounds..hence I am turning her on to Mandre (Andre Lewis.a pal of Frank Zappa’s) as in my humble opinion no-one ever or since used keys dynamics as well as the funky Lewis. Is this typical of the ‘Hype’ collection / I’ll get back to you when I have heard it…

Energetic fun, from a real character.

Mariann Rosa

Pete Sargeant

(Thanks Olivia, Sam and Mariann)

Mariann Rosa’s new single ‘Frikkin’ Fantastic’ is out now. 

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‘Banjo For My Bitches’  (Mariann’s Rosa’s previous single) video: