Lies (Single)

(Super Records)

Before anyone comments about the review of this single I am well aware that this song was released in 2008 and is not what you would call ‘a review of a new release’. I was looking through my collection the other day and found this McFly single and remembered ‘This was quite a catchy song’.

It should only be pure chance then that McFly announce a special ‘Anthology’ UK Tour for June 2016 which will see them performing their entire catalogue over three nights in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London. Essentially, a three-night residency in each city performing all of the hits for their loyal fanbase.

One of these tracks from the deluxe edition ‘Radio:ACTIVE’ album is ‘Lies’ and at the time it showed that McFly were more than just a young male pop band. The solid drum beat intro from Harry Judd is met with a brass sound as all the vocals are not hogged by one member but rather an equal task between Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones. The song is well-written with the line ‘Better run for cover, you’re a hurricane of lies’ kicking it off.

The one-worded chorus is memorable and makes this track an automatic radio-pop hit as it is incredibly easy to sing along with which makes it ideal for not only listening to the radio in the car but also at McFly’s live shows.

The use of strings in the background provides a strong music layer whilst the electric bass solo makes it a funky number similar to ‘Uptown Funk’ for example.

In conclusion, McFly has been making music since 2003 and the first live gig I went to was actually Busted with special guests McFly at Wembley Arena in London and I was really impressed with their stage presence and songs like ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’ and I knew then that they would do well. Here we are now in 2016 and they have returned stronger than ever with an extensive British pop back catalogue.


Glenn Sargeant