Midnight Maps

Midnight Maps EP


Midnight Maps are a trio from London, United Kingdom who have released a debut self-titled EP. The opening track ‘We Stand Where Dinosaurs Roamed’ is a catchy number with lead vocalist Jo Gledhill whose voice is perfect for a mainstream pop audience. The chorus is hooky as Daniel Sitkin (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Jonathan Williams (Drums, Percussion) keep the music energy levels high.

‘All Down Hill’ is very electronic as the vocals are manipulated with special audio effects and although it melodic the guitar sounds quite harsh at times and it actually makes me feel quite unsteady. ‘Roar Like A Lions’ hears all three of them sing with quite breathy vocals whilst being backed by drums and twinkling keyboard sounds. I can hear in the music that they enjoy what they’re are doing and they are talented musicians

Closer ‘Zombie With A Heartbeat’ starts with a sound that is like a broken vintage Pac-Man arcade machine and it actually drowns out the lead vocals which is frustrating as they are a very entertaining trio with a rich modern pop vocalist and you can’t hear her! The opening track is fantastic because it announces Midnight Maps to the world and it will have crowds singing along for sure. If Midnight Maps are trying to choose a single then this is the one.

Although some of the tracks may sound a tad over-produced, I am quite excited by this outfit and I do think that this EP will make quite an impact on the pop genre and help them increase their fanbase. If you like acts like Alphabeat then check this band out.

Glenn Sargeant

Midnight Maps’s debut EP is now available on Spotify http://ow.ly/QeZX4 and iTunes http://apple.co/1eAukfM

In addition, they will be playing live at the following venues in 2015:

Friday 21st August – ‘Smiths’ of Spitafields (Headline Set), London, United Kingdom
Friday 11th September – The Troubador, London, United Kingdom
Saturday 3rd October – 229 The Venue, London, United Kingdom
For more information visit the following links:
(Thanks to Jonathan Williams of Midnight Maps for help with this review)
Midnight Maps EP Cover