Pete Gardiner

Pretty Smiles (Single)

(NUA Entertainment)

He’s Irish, he writes songs, he is known as a lively performer. But enough about Daniel O’Donnell…just kidding. This singer-songwriter has a new single ‘Pretty Smiles’ just out and we can show you the promotional video below.

Production is in the hands of Tommy Mclaughlin of Villagers renown and mixing is by Ash Howes who as part of the Biffco troupe sorts songs for and acts as MD for The X Factor. Gardiner’s previous singles have garnered attention from Janice Long and Radio London’s morning man Robert Elms. Not to mention Record of the Day and The Independent.

After a monochrome still of a female, we find Pete as a waistcoated bartender, the overall vibe being perhaps late 1950’s? and daydreaming about the lady that is haunting him. It’s a slightly wordy poetic lyric – ‘just another part of the weekend traffic now’ is one line. A light handclap keeps time, back in the mix of an otherwise full backing, maybe a tad too full; nevertheless Gardiner’s lightly sandpapered voice gives the song appeal and he is more reflective here than on previous single ‘Idols’ which again had traces of Costello and Leonard Cohen in a contemporary setting. ‘Pretty Smiles’ continues with the appearance of the femme fatale sitting in a leather armchair, smoking. Towards the end they dance.

A good song and I wonder what it might sound like with just piano backing?

Here’s the video for ‘Pretty Smiles’: 

Pete Gardiner


Pete Sargeant

Pete Gardiner’s new single ‘Pretty Smiles’ is out now on NUA Entertainment. For more information you can visit his official website here: 

(Many thanks to Federica Furlotti at Impressive PR for help with this review)