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I hadn’t heard of Soko before my friend told me about her. She’s twenty-eight years old and was born in Bordeaux, France and she quit school at sixteen.  She released her debut album ‘I Thought I was An Alien’ in 2012 and she seems to have gone from strength to strength. Writing from personal experience, opening track ‘I Come In Peace’ uses spacey electronic sounds to convey a real sense of isolation because of the losses of loved ones but also her overall acceptance of those losses. The production is well-executed by the legendary producer Ross Robinson (he’s also produced The Cure and it appears Soko is a fan of the band). On ‘Ocean of Tears’ she essentially blames herself for the losses I previously mentioned by singing “I thought I was a witch, was I responsible for the death of all the people that I loved the most?” To put it simply, she uses the creative art form of music to help her understand what has happened in her life.

The album was recorded over seven months in Robinson’s home studio on Venice Beach and he was quoted as saying ‘For Soko its music or death’ and I’m inclined to agree. ‘Temporary Mood Swings’ has very heavy drums and vocals sung very fast to create a tense atmosphere whilst ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ discusses a woman who refuses to grow up with a Casio-keyboard type backing and a lot of echo. Lyrically, it is an original concept and it was quite refreshing. ‘Lovetrap’ features her friend Ariel Pink who really wishes he was Hall and Oates as he tries to be the breathy sexy guy one minute and then R2-D2 the next. I hope he doesn’t bring his friend Bambi Orange along for any other tracks.

Closing song ‘Keaton’s Song’ really showcases her vocals as an acoustic guitar softly plays. It is quite regal and really lets the listener hear what she is truly capable of. If you enjoy Foster the People, The Cure, Ladyhawke or Vanessa Paradis then definitely check her out as she clearly is influenced by all of these artists and much more besides.

Glenn Sargeant

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