Little Red Rooster

Lock Up The Liquor


This outfit presents original material in their own style and comprises Kevin McCann on guitar, Dave Holtzman on harp, Jeff Michael bass and drummer Bob Holden. They play the East Coast circuit in the main. Experienced and comfortable playing as a unit, the group hits an easy groove.

Pitchin’ Woo is a steady-rolling tune reminiscent of Fats Domino, tinkling piano and low register harp feature. Drinkin’ Wine On My Dime has a crisp guitar intro and happy-go-lucky vocal on a sixteen-bar outing. Rather Be Lonesome skips along in a Rollin’ & Tumbling mood. Cotton Mouth is dedicated to James Cotton – as is very obvious to any listener from the harp licks !

Ready For Goodbye is a blues ballad, sung well but it really is It Hurts Me Too ! Just A Distant Memory hits a strident mood and has echoes of Mel Torme. Thrift Shop Rubbers is a fast shuffle and quite funny. Nothin’ Left Between Us showcases wailing acoustic harp and deft piano and could be a nod to Willie Dixon. Oughta Be A Law is sprightly and ringing with jukebox guitar and throaty harp. Trouble In The Jungle has the old Bo Diddley drumbeat to the fore and warbly chromatic harp. Six Strong Men sounds like a chain gang lament, handclaps and all. Nicely handled and ace piano, here. Livin’ At Jerry’s House is upbeat and a tad Caribbean in cadence, breaking into a shuffle of sorts.

4 O’Clock In The Morning finds the harp in Little Walter rainsoaked streets mood with a cool vocal, unhurried and emphatic. Can’t Believe She’s Mine rocks out on what sounds like a stage favourite with a Juke Boy Bonner touch. Finally, Lock Up The Liquor is a jump blues that threatens to segue into Flip Flop & Fly at any moment.

Fine musicians on pleasant but not particularly impactful material, Surely a cracking live act though!

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks to Frank R)

The Little Red Rooster Blues Band's new album 'Lock Up The Liquor' is out now.

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