Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

(Snakefarm Records)

On the back of a reputation for delivering incendiary live performances, this outfit deliver a new album and get set to tour it. Some of the song titles have a whiff of Alice Cooper about them, don’t they? And there can be no doubt that the dynamic works of Vincent Furnier and for that matter Jagger-Richards have influenced this sharp band’s music. These roots and their own contemporary elements do make for one rockin’ group. Of course, this all points to trying to catch them live.

Opener Heartland kicks off with filthy fuzz guitar, worthy of Keep On Running, the vocal a chant and then a bridge of 24-carat psychedelia. Wow, this is one happening sound, as used to be said. All manner of ear-catching tones infest this number, with a touch of wah to boot. It’s a bit like finding a lost Aerosmith gem – and that is a compliment. A Yardbirds-style intro brings in Don’t Mind The Blood and I swear Alice Cooper is haunting this one! A sly melody is catchy and punchy. This will surely be live favourite…

Jealous Me has a spooky vibe, in an Alice In Chains way. The lyric seems very personal and the vocal appropriate to that. The drumming here is broken up and emphatic. Best of all, things are held back and the song is not saturated with elements that would produce overkill. That bass is measured but dead on and the guitar sparks over the arpeggio’d changes really bite. Backfire goes for a choppy fuzz-drenched tempo, the singing full-throated and still sinister. A sneer of a song, based on admonition and a highlight on this collection. Ramblin’ Bones whips us away to a campfire slide guitar – dobro maybe – over spooky chords. Tyler’s voice spills out a tale of sleaze. A great interlude.

Weak & Weepin’ is a full-on rock workout and perhaps a set-starter, love the tumbling drums. Their material is great for a drummer. Manipulate Me uses a Jimi Hendrix Experience pumping pace but the singing is almost conspiratorial, conjuring up shadows and anger. Perhaps the best song here and yes it evokes Cooper!

Easy Target grinds away in the filth and shows off their skill at making moody tempo’s a 3-D experience. Absurdly catchy and well-arranged guitarwise. Magnetic Field brings a deep voice out of our man, a solemn mood mined for impact. The nearest Bryant gets to Lou Reed but still his own thing. Aftershock sounds like Who outtake at its start, before an insistent noble guitar motif commences, the singing inspired and weighty. The set ends with Into The Black and its ethereal guitar intro and excellent vocal.

This record brings the listener sophisticated filth and distinctive vocal arrangements. Is this your stop?

Pete Sargeant


Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown's new self-titled studio album is out now on Snakefarm Records.

You can watch the official lyric video for 'Heartland' in this article.

For more information visit the band's official website here: http://bit.ly/2hvRMic

In addition, Tyler Bryant and The Shakdown will be performing headline shows in the UK as part of their Ramblin Bones 2017 European Tour. The dates are below:

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

Saturday 2nd December 2017 - Castle and Falkon, Birmingham, United Kingdom http://bit.ly/2mxwqXe

Monday 4th December 2017 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, United Kingdom http://bit.ly/2blnShv

Tuesday 5th December 2017 - Dingwalls, Camden, London, United Kingdom http://bit.ly/2phZSwW