Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

Big Time Operator (4-CD Set)

(Repertoire Records)

A few Christmases have arrived here in one hit, for all Rollers, as fans of this act have come to be termed. The four-disc set comes in a neat box cover and supplies every track you would ever want to own, every cut you would ever remember AND radio sessions complete with intro’s by the late wireless great Brian Matthew AND extra tracks found here and there, from varied sources. These even include the never-heard version of Phil Upchurch’s You Can’t Sit Down. The box has loads of contemporary images and photo’s and there is even an autographed message card from Money himself. We have my detailed chat with Zoot about these recordings and the personnel and the good times that produced this rich and rooted set of songs which will be coming soon. The chunky guitar riffs, the grainy horn figures, the pumping basslines, jazzy and refined drumming, that sandpapered and ebullient voice, the throaty Hammond…it’s all here and there’s plenty of it.

To give you the full content of the discs, here goes:

Disc: 1

1. Chauffeur 2. The One And Only Man 3. I’ve Been Trying 4. Florence Of Arabia 5. Let The Good Times Roll 6. James Brown Medley: I’ll Go Crazy Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag 7. Mashed Potato U.S.A. 8. Nothing Can Change This Love 9. Barefootin’ (Tracks 1 – 9 from, Live At Klook’s Kleek) 10. Good 11. Bring It On Home To Me 12. Please Stay 13. You Know You’ll Cry 14. Something Is Worrying Me 15. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow 16. The Many Faces Of Love (Tracks 10 – 16, BONUS TRACKS 1965 STUDIO SINGLES)

Disc: 2

1. I Got You (I Feel Good) 2. Smack Dab In The Middle 3. Boot – Leg 4. Train Train 5. Ain’t That Peculiar 6. People Gonna Talk 7. It Should’ve Been Me 8. Hallelujah I Love Her So 9. Self Discipline 10. Rock Me Baby 11. Stormy Monday Blues 12. The Uncle Willie 13. When I Met My Baby 14. Blues March 15. You Don’t Know Like I Know 16. Big Time Operator 17. Hide Nor Hair 18. Haunted House 19. La La La La La / The ‘In’ Crowd (Tracks 1 – 19 from , Live At The Flamingo) 20. Let’s Run For Cover 21. Self Discipline 22. Big Time Operator 23. Zoot’s Sermon (Tracks 20 – 23, BONUS TRACKS 1966 STUDIO SINGLES)

Disc: 3

1. Cool Jerk 2. Interview 3. Big Time Operator 4. Barefootin’ 5. BBC Announcement 6. I Can’t Turn You Loose 7. Interview 8. Chauffeur 9. Picture Me Gone 10. Interview 11. Star Of The Show 12. Let The Good Times Roll 13. Interview 14..Something’s Worrying Me 15. Ain’t That Love 16. You Don’t Know Like I Know 17.Interview 18.Let’s Run For Cover 19. People Gonna Talk (Tracks 1 – 13 from, Live at the BBC) 20. Think 21. The Morning After 22. It’s Been A Long Way Home 23. You Can’t Sit Down 24. Watcha Gonna Do 25. The Uncle Willie 26. Zoot’s Suit (e) 27. Gin House 28. Rocking Chair 29. Get On The Right Track, Baby 30. Walking The Dog (Tracks 25 – 30, BONUS TRACKS 1964 IN THE STUDIO )

Disc: 4

1. I’ll Go Crazy 2. Jump Back 3. Along Came John 4. Back Door Blues 5. It Should’ve Been Me 6. Sweet Little Rock And Roller 7. My Wife Can’t Cook 8. Rags And Old Iron 9. The Cat 10. Feelin’ Sad 11. Bright Lights Big City 12. Fina (Tracks 1 – 12 from It Should’ve Been Me) 13. The Star Of The Show 14. The Mound Moves 15. It Should Have Been Me – EP version 16. Nick Knack 17. I Really Learnt How To Cry 18. Stop The Wedding 19. Just A Passing Phase 20. What Cha Gonna Do ‘Bout It 21. Coffee Song (Tracks 13 – 21, BONUS TRACKS 1966/67/68 IN THE STUDIO)

The ultimate Follower’s Feast, this will be a Limited Edition so I suggest you jump in quickly on this one!

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks to Zoot Money and Repertoire Records)

Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band 'Big Time Operator (4-CD Set)' is out now as a Limited Edition release on Repertoire Records.

For more information and to purchase the set visit the record label's official website: http://bit.ly/2Gw9HAg

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