We asked the lively pop/dance performer a set of Pete’s (customised) questions and here are his responses to them…..


  • How did the name come about?  Tell us your real name if you wish

I wrote a song about a ”Midnight Boy” a few years ago. As a young artist I thought prostitution was an interesting theme since I felt the music industry was a lot about compromising to fit it. As I later started to work on the first songs for Midnight Boy that name just came to me.


  • Name a recording (artist /title /source album) that you find relaxing

Right now I listen a lot to ”Never Never” with The Assembly. One of my favorite tunes is also ”Being Boring” with Pet Shop Boys.


  • Who is in your live performance band or group and doing/playing what?

I’ve been working with Alexander Le Fairshore on keys/percussion/drums and Karl Lund on keys. I usually also bring a doll called Mary.


  • Did you ever sing at school?  If so,what?

I did sing a lot in school, probably more than I should have. I was in a music class and had a lot of bands and stuff. Naturally we played a lot of rock music, but Michael Jackson and Prince were my biggest childhood heroes.


  • Have you a favourite live recording? If so by whom and what appeals?

Prince has got a lot of crazy stuff out there but since I’m a great fan of The Doors I have to say ”When the Music’s Over” live at The Bowl ’68. Everything about the Doors interests me, in my opinion they were the first synthband that ever existed.


  • Stage wear? Do you take advice or help?

I’m into crop tops and leather pants for the moment. I haven’t been taking any help so far but I’m open for it.


  •  What was  / is your favourite TV series ever ?a side-issue, but did it have memorable music?

TV-series are dangerous ’cause the hours just diseppears – but I love them. Twin Peaks is such an inspiration for me in my musical work. I’m not sure of what it is but it really does something to me. Otherwise some of my favorites are Breaking Bad and House of Cards.


  • Name a film – musical or otherwise – you can watch again and again (and why?)

I don’t usually watch movies more than once ’cause I like to be surprised and deeply effected. ”Candy” by Neil Armfield and ”Dogville” by Lars von Trier are some of my favorites – they’re not the kind of movies I would watch every day for a month but they’re truly amazing.


  • What song and by whom puts you in a thoughtful frame of mind, and why?

They’re so many but to name a few I would say ”Stripped” by Depeche Mode, ”Ship of Fools” by Erasure and ”Running Up That Hill” By Kate Bush.


  • Can you remember the first music video you took notice of? By whom and what song?

I remember watching a live performance of ”Dress You Up” with Madonna at my dad’s house. I was probably around three years old and I totally fell in love with her in that very moment.


  • Who is your favourite painter? Are they alive or passed?

I don’t really have a favorite one but last week I was at a Louise Bourgeois exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. She’s more of an artist but she made a strong impression on me. I like art that allows the eyes to interpret the message.


  • If you were to do a version of a James Brown song, which one would it be and why?

I got the feelin’ – such a groovy song!


  •  Is there any type of music you cannot stand to listen to? Any reasons?

Well.. of course there’s music I don’t quite feel strongly for. In Sweden we got a genre called “Dansband” and that’s not exactly my favorite kind of music.


  • You get a chance to record a duet with someone you rate – who would it be and why?

Either Alison Moyet or Annie Lennox. They’re both such great artists with killer voices. Then we would have Vince Clark to arrange it and David Bowie to produce it. That’s a dreamteam there!


  •  Your favourite song intro ( artist /title ) and why you like it? ( I like David Bowie’s ‘Stay’ )

I totally agree on “Stay”, fantastic track! I’d also like to add “Blue Monday” by New Order – a true classic! And “Behind the Wheel” by Depeche Mode – one of my favorite Depeche tunes.


  •   What two things do you want to attain or achieve when performing live?

I don’t have a plan or anything when I’m on stage. I do it because I love it and I get so much out of it. Of course I wanna make an impression but it’s more important to enjoy that very moment and have fun.


  • Do you write your material or co-compose? What’s the process or trigger to create?

I do both. Some of the songs, like ”When You’re Strange” and ”Roll With It” I’ve written and produced myself and others like ”Don’t Say No” came out of co-writes. I used to have a hard time working with other people on my music, I guess I was a bit scared the songs wasn’t going to fit my vision. Nowadays I prefer to write music with others though. It’s more fun and effective and the fact that we’ve all got different styles and experiences makes it more interesting.


  • Have you a venue that you enjoy visiting? Which and where?

I’d love to do a European tour and visit some cool clubs. I don’t have a specific one though. I also really wanna go back to the States and do shows. I had an amazing time there last year.


  • Are you news junkie? – which sites/ papers/ TV channels?

I wouldn’t consider myself a junkie but I do read the news every day. Mostly on the web. I listen a lot to podcasts so that’s probably my main source for information.


  • What is your best quality and which is your worst (or one you’d like to fix,over time)?

I try to be a person who care for other people. I’ve always looked up to people who’s helpful and caring and that’s one of the most important qualities in my opinion. I’m terrible with schedules since I barely ever seem  to get in time. That’s one thing I really need to change with myself.



Pete Sargeant