Paul Lamb has been touring the UK for the better part of 5 years and in anticipation of his tour in May/June 2015 we sat down with Paul to ask him on of Pete’s (customised) “20 Questions”


  • What is your favorite original song that you play live and why?

My answer could change daily, but currently I like playing the song Guilty, off the Ready FIre Aim Album, live because I really get to stretch out and explore, I never play it the same way twice.

  •  Who is your favorite author, lyricist?

My favorite lyricist is Tom Waits or maybe Bill Withers.  I am avid reader so to pick a favorite author is like trying to name my favorite band, there are too many options, I cannot pinpoint just one

  •  What was one of those moments in your career that you sat back and said wow, I have always dreamt of this?

The first time I opened up for Walter Trout because he was a true idol of mine.

  •  When you are writing a song do you hear the various instrumentation in your head as you are writing

Yes it stems from idea to idea.  From spark to flame to inferno

  • What is your favorite song

Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix has always been my favorite song

  • What Do You Learn About Yourself From The Blues And What Does The Blues Mean To You?

I believe that the blues is almost a prime evil form of music. The entire idea behind the music is pure emotion. There is an argument that all music is like this, but I believe blues music is emotion in its purest form. When you strip down to the deepest part of emotion you can learn a lot about yourself and your true beliefs. The blues are everything to me. The music shapes the way I view the entire universe and the possibilities beyond.

  •  How Do You Describe Paul Lamb Sound And Songbook? What Characterize Your Music Philosophy?

To me the most important part of my song writing is the lyrics. I believe it is a lost art in modern music. A song is meant to be a story or an idea that can stir up awareness. My sound is simply what I’m trying to convey at the moment. Sometimes it is loud and aggressive and sometimes it’s soft and loving. It’s all rock n’ roll rooted in the blues.

  • Which Is The Most Interesting Period In Your Life?

Now is definitely the most interesting time in my life! The endless travel brings constant new adventures. I have so many wonderful friends from far corners of the earth. The more friends you acquire the more fulfilling and interesting your life becomes. I’ve had so many wonderful points in my career it is tough to pick the best one. I think it’s relevant to the time and situation. I guess every time you get a “first”. The first time I got a guitar, the first time I heard myself in a recording, the first time I got my own hotel room ha ha, the first time I ever played in front of twenty thousand people. Things like that, the list is endless.

  •  Which Was The Worst Moment Of Your Career?

The worst moment in my career was when the rock n roll “indulgences” let down some people that were very important to me. A true-life lesson.

  •  Why Did You Think That The Rock And Blues Music Continues To Generate Such A Devoted Following?

Rock and blues are simple and pure forms of music. The purity of the sound and its emotion is easy to relate to at any age. It just comes down to exposure and introduction. I have found when people, of all walks of life, are exposed to the music they are fans for life. It’s not a passing fad. The music has obviously stood the test of time.

  •  Which meetings have been the most Important experiences for you?

My most important meetings that have been the most influential in my life have always been the ones with fellow musicians At least the musicians that are willing to share Ideas. There Have Been Several Collaborations Where An Idea Has Flipped My Perception Around And Made Me A Better Song Writer, A Better Engineer And Producer And A Better Player.

  •  What Is The Best Advice Ever Given You?

 The best advice I’ve ever gotten? John Oates once told me Paul McCartney told him to never drop names!

  •  Are there any memories from gigs, jams and recording time that you’d like to share with us?

I’ve played on several different recordings over the years, so many great sessions with so many different artists. I love to record. When we recorded the tales form the gravel album in Norwich England at La Grange studios, I really felt like I had reached another first. I spent my youth dreaming of traveling to another country to record and for the first time I had accomplished that. The session was amazing and I will treasure the experience for a lifetime.

  •  What is the most musical town or city you have ever been in

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years in a lot of “famous” music cities. Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, New York, London, the list is long.  I might seem a little bias but The Greatest collection of musical talent I’ve ever heard is from my hometown of Detroit.

  •  Where is your favorite place to write?

Woodshed Studios Beaver Island Michigan.  It is a magically secluded place, which offers an endless wealth of uninterrupted thought

  •  If you were to be cast in a movie, what role would you play and why?

I was in a couple of movies in my younger years and both times I played a musician, though one was a ghost.  But I would much rather play a villain.

  •  What is part of your personality that you would like to change and what part of your personality do others not always appreciate?

I would like to change how inpatient I am. Others do not always appreciate my attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.

  •  What is your favorite Whiskey?

My favorite Whiskey is anything from Islay Scotland.  Heavy on the smoke, heavy on the Peat!

  •  How has your music changed and morphed in the last ten years?

I believe the essence of my music has stayed the same over the past several years yet the song writing has matured in orchestration and idea.

  • What direction do you see it going?

I don’t know and that is the beauty of song writing. It’s spontaneous to the moment. I always strive to write meaningful songs.  Yet you always feel you can write a better one.

Pete Sargeant

Paul Lamb and The Detroit Breakdown will be embarking on a UK Tour at the following venues:

May 16th  – The Polish Club, Barnsley

May 17th  – Cross Keys, Halifax

May 20th – The Robin 2, Bilston

May 22nd -Barrow Blues Club, Barrow In Furness

May 24th – Reivers Rock & Blues Festival, Northumberland         

May 25th – The Tyne Bar,  Newcastle

May 27th  – Welcome Inn, Whitefield, Manchester

May 29th – Duck & Drake, Leeds

May 31st – Harrogate Blues Bar, Harrogate

June 6th – The Carriers Inn, Bude

June 9th – Old School Bar & Kitchen,  Mount Hawke

June 11th – The Barley Sheaf , Liskeard

For more information on Paul Lamb and The Detroit Breakdown visit www.p-a-u-lmusic.com or www.paullambdetroit.com. The new album ‘Take It From the Top’ is out now on E&E.