Scarlett Saunders

Blue Again (EP)


Scarlett Saunders is an artist who will be releasing her debut EP ‘Blue Again’ later in the year. It is clear from the offset that her family is a source of inspiration as this four-track offering proves with opener ‘I Should Know’, a blunt statement to her father who was  going out with someone who was exactly the same age as me and also 19 years old at the time. The production is clean with a subtle drum backing which allows the listener to fully absorb both the lyrics and how Scarlett was feeling at the time.

Her vocals remind me of acts such as I Am RosieMay whilst the biting subject matter reminds me of Mark Hole’s ‘People Change’ EP which was for me, ‘hauntingly beautiful’.

‘Under My Feet’ is a pleasant blend of piano and steel guitar which generates a reggae vibe as Scarlett sings ‘“made of stone, not built for love”. There is a real sense of pain behind her voice when she sings and you can tell that she means every word as opposed to just singing the words that are put in front of here. Incredibly refreshing.

The next song ‘Circus’ is quite a dark song that is drenched in electronic keyboards to produce a synth-pop number and unfortunately her voice (although in pitch etc) doesn’t sound original enough and the song sounds like it could be any female vocalist singing it.

Closer ‘Windmill’ has a lullaby-esque electric guitar intro that wouldn’t be out of place on the song ‘Unchained Melody’ as she vocally gives it her all.

In summary, this is a heartfelt release with very mature lyrics for someone who is so young and I think that if she tries to approach her music career like Katie Melua for example as opposed to Miley Cyrus, I think Scarlett will garner a supportive fan-base in not time.



Scarlett Saunders


Glenn Sargeant

Scarlett Saunders debut EP ‘Blue Again’ will be released later in the year. For more information on her visit the following links: 

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(Many thanks to both Chris and Giedre at Lost In The Manor PR for help with this review)