Strange Majik

Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll


Strange Majik (David Pattillo) is a New Yorker who is no stranger to the music industry having presented his own UK radio show, produced the debut album of an up and coming Motown artist for super producer Linda Perry and his even been nominated for an Emmy for the “Live From The Artists Den” television series.

However, he has now released his own album entitled ‘Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll’ and it is clear that for him that is the case! Opener ‘Going To Miami’ kicks in with bluesy electric guitar as Majik’s lead vocals are laid-back whilst having a vintage quality about them.

‘Listening To Leon’ is a track that I had already reviewed as a single on the website but it is the perfect summer driving song as the chorus is catchy and the funky drums provide a real groove. ‘Don’t Mess With The Girl From Texas’ features clever lyrics and reminds me of The Rolling Stones especially with the lush piano and crisp saxophone. It is a sort of Chuck Leavell and late Bobby Keys vibe. Classic rock sound perfection.

The title track then names The Stones, David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars amongst others as influences and I believe that this has the potential to be a radio favourite. ‘Electrified’ is well-paced and sounds like a song that has to be played at night to really appreciate it.

‘Workingman 99’ is about the 99% in North America who essentially are the working-class in the country and it is subject matters like this that would allow people to categorize this release as a blues album  as the genre originated from the workers such as the individuals in the cotton fields and so forth. A highlight on this is the electric bass.

‘Nolita Strut’ has a very seventies production as this instrumental interlude blends the guitar with the horn section with such ease. ‘Cocaine Kisses’ is a very sinister title but is weirdly upbeat with a Western saloon bar approach. It just left me a bit puzzled.

‘Gone’ is a haunting number with stand up double bass but the song is strong and for me is incredibly emotional compared to some of the other cuts. Similar to Robert Cray in terms of tone, it showcases the light and shade in Strange Majik’s material.

Closing track ‘Pull The Trigger’ is an acoustic piece that musically evolves as the track progresses.  Not the strongest piece on this album but listenable nonetheless.

Overall, if you enjoy that classic rock sound that influenced and inspired so many people but with elements of blues thrown in then ‘Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll’ is the album for you as the musicians on this album gel well together to help place the material in the spotlight.

Strange MajikGlenn Sargeant

Strange Majik’s new album ‘Raised On Rock ‘N’ Roll’ is out now and available to purchase on his official BandCamp page here:

(Many thanks to Kieran White and Strange Majik for help with this review)