Amy Studt – 20 Questions

Singer/Songwriter Amy Studt has returned with a brand new album and scheduled tour dates for 2016. we caught up with her to discuss her new sounds and key influences on the new release.


  • The radio is playing…what song would you cross the room to turn UP and what song would you cross the room to turn OFF?
 Turn up – Rock and Roll Suicide by David Bowie and Turn down – We Will Rock You by Queen
  • The third track on an album is often a gem  – can you think of any?  ( artist / title / source album ) – as many as you like!!!

*Laura Marling/Rambling Man/I Speak Because I Can

*Lyla Foy/Impossible/Mirrors The Sky

*Cat Power/Good Woman/You Are Free

*Fiona Apple/Limp/When the pawn hits the…

*Ladyhawke/my delirium/Ladyhawke

*Mazzy Star/Mary Of Silence/So Tonight That I Might See

*Regina Spektor/Ode To Devorce (Live In London)/Live In London

*Stina Nordenstam/Another Story Girl/Memories Of A Color


  •  Name a song or instrumental that fades too early, for you (artist/title )
 I don’t really think like that when I listen to someones music. : )
  •  Suggest a song by any artist that makes you think of the coast / seaside….please  add any reasons as to why this might be…
 Garota De Ipanema/Joao Y Astrud Gilberto With Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Ge/Samba E Bossa Nova. It always makes me think of warm summer nights walking by the sea and being in love.
  • A great recording – by any artist -including in the title 1/ Black  2/  White 3/ Blue (artist / title / source album for each please) and explain why chosen
  1. Back To Black/Amy Winehouse/Back To Black
  2. Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white/Michael Jackson/Dangerous
  3. Blue Moon/Billie Holiday/Billie Holiday Sings
  • A recording – any artist – that makes you laugh ….intentionally or otherwise! (artist / track / source album)
 Brazil/Edmundo Ross/Doin’ The Salsa – The Very Best Of Edmundo Ross
Reminds me of my grandmother who always laughed at everything, danced and regaled us with stories of her time living in Brazil during the 40’s.
  •  Could you tell us about your song The Lucky Ones? It’s on one edition of My Paper Made Men album.
 The Lucky Ones is about dancing on the edge of the earth as the world is ending. That having the ones you love around you in that final moment makes you one of ‘The Lucky Ones.
  •   David Bowie and Grace Jones record a duet – what song do they sing and who backs them?
 Fire- Lizzie Mercier backed by Beck
  •  Chasing the Light had a frantic drum coda live. Do you still perform that number?
 No, not anymore and I started to dislike the drum coda live so stopped it. It’s a bit rocky for me now. And I like to keep moving forward. x
  •  Is there a song that both you and your Mum or Dad really like? Or liked?

I grew up listening to my parents records. Songs like The big bopper’s Chantilly Lace and What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong amongst others. They smell of my childhood to me.

  •   Name an actor or actress who made a listenable song recording – and what’s the appeal?
 I like Irene Cara singing Out Here On My Own from the 1980 film FAME. It really moves me.
  •   Where are you planning to tour next?
 I have my single release show/party on the 23rd July which I’m looking forward to. x
  • Which of your own recordings show you at your most a/ aggressive  b/ relaxed  c/ confused?
  1. Chasing The Light – off My Paper Made Men album.
  2. Troubles Coming In – off my new record
  3. Overdose – off my new record
  • Which artist did you go to see perform with low expectations but ended up impressed? Where and when was this?
 One was The Dresden Dolls years ago when they were on their first album. My expectations were low because I had just gone to meet a friend and didn’t know who they were or what they sounded like. It was at Cargo a good 8-9 years ago. They are still one of the best live bands Ive ever seen.
  •  Two tickets suddenly arrive for a live performance, they are for someone you have always wanted to see…….which act or artist and which numbers will be hoping to hear?
 Bill Withers and I would love to hear ‘I hope she’ll be happier with him’. Die.
  •  Has  a radio DJ anywhere (and any era) ever impressed you and if so why? 
 I used to record ‘Late night love’ show with Graham Torrington on my cassette tapes in the 90’s. I was very young and to me it was very adult and exciting. 
  • Can you dance? Do you dance? How do your family and friends rate your dancing?
 I think everyone can dance!  But my dancing would be described as the wild flailing of limbs and as expressionist. Ha. 
  •  Name a recording (an album maybe) that really ‘grew’ on you and has ended up as essential listening?   What is it about this recording that you value?
 The Smiths for me as a band really grew on me and now I love them. x
  •  Suggest a song that reminds you of your childhood –  and why might this be?
 God, there are so many! But maybe ‘Mini The Moocher’ off the Jeeves and Wooster soundtrack. I used to dance naked to it around my living room.
  •  What have you worn that makes you laugh now?
 Large flared and ripped jeans. Hideous! Haha.
  •  Is there a book or novel that you would like to create songs or the score for? Why is this?
 Most recent book I read was ‘The Snow Child’ by Eowyn Ivey and I fell in love with how it paints the desolate and frozen landscape of Alaska. It’s people’s struggles to survive the harsh climate and also the beauty of it and the rewards of living in that magical place. I’d like to write a score for that book.
  •  Did you enjoy school? Whether you did or not, which song reminds you of schooldays ( artist / title / source album)?
 Not particularly. There was some fun moments but I found I was too much of a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. One song that reminds me of school days is Killing In The Name Of/Rage Against The Machine/Rage Against The Machine.  Reminds me of classmates screaming/singing it from the back of the school bus.
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