She’s young, she’s French, she’s fresh, she’s kinda stubborn maybe? And here she very kindly responds to various questions we put to her, ahead of her London show at The Lexington on 25th June. Thank you, Fishbach.

Yann Morrison

Name an album where in your opinion the tracks are perfectly sequenced – any artist, any style

MGMT – Congratulations

After them first album, full of hits, they released this second album, I was so surprise, because it’s not commercial at all, the song are so ****ing good writing, and I can listen to it since 8 years without be boring.

What prompted or inspired your stage name of Fishbach?

It’s my mother’s last name, but I took off a letter. It means “the river with fish” in German. I love rivers. It’s a part of me, but not entire me. It’s my almost my dark side.

The third track on an album is often a gem – can you think of any?

Ah, I just discovered this artist, Saada Bonaire. The first (and only?) album is incredible, it’s my big crush this days. The third track named “Little Sister” , I’m thinking about my own little sister when I listen it. Miss my sister.

How do you look after your voice? Any tips for aspiring singers heading for the stage?

I’m really bad at this. I’m smoking, never do vocalise before a show… Yes I know, it’s bad. But I’m always singing, so I think my voice is ready for everything

Suggest a song by any artist that makes you think of the countryside …please add any reasons as to why this might be…

I can say Fleetwood Mac, the “Rumours” album. I want to be laid back on some grass, close to a river when I listen it

Zazie – an artist I really like – is she an influence on you at all?

She is a huge artist from the begin of the century in France, and she always work with wonderful artist, create a new show at each album… I really appreciate that, when an artist always questioning them own work

A recording that makes you laugh ….intentionally or otherwise!

A friend of mine make me a playlist of songs, and between things like Beach House and Ariel Pink, it was this song of Daniel Johnston “Satan”..has my laughter still vibing in the mountains, since that.

Peter Gabriel invites you to record a duet – what song of yours do you suggest? And who backs you in the band (dream a little)?

I would say “ Y Crois Tu” , to had more choral things, more orchestral moments. And I’ll take the choirs of the Red Army for backing vocals

Best 2nd or follow up album of all time? And why? ( I love The Doors ‘Strange Days’)

Actually I really appreciate the third album of Portishead “Third”. An album made ten years after the second, really audacious, really different from what they did before, a big surprise, and I can continue to listen it

On Eternite, your vocal almost bursts out of the framework of the song – something that happens on a few songs by Devo…what’s the method at work here? It adds tension, for sure…

You know, I have no method to write songs, but vocals is really important; look, you maybe don’t know French lyrics but you can feel the emotion I put in each song, because voice intentions are international. This song talks about the emergency to love each other. In a powerful way

Where are you planning to perform next in the UK/Europe?

My next gig is in London, the 25th June at Lexington! Can’t wait for this gig. Last gig in London was so insane… what a nice public! This summer I only do dj set in French little festivals, for fun, and writing new songs

Which artist did you go to see perform with low expectations but ended up impressed? Where and when was this?

I saw Patti Smith when I was eighteen, I was really impressed, but when I saw her old musiciens I was like “oh non it can be boring”. However It was the most incredible lesson I took from an artist… her voice, her aura… wahou. Merci Patti…

Where in the world in your opinion is live music best received?

Maybe it’s because of my name but German people are sensitive to my music! I recently made a German solo tour and it was amazing

What’s going on in the video for Un Autre Que Moi? Is that a Jaguar?

Haha! I’m always on the road but I don’t know driving! When I was eighteen I had choice: it was the car or the computer. I choose the computer to make music. I don’t regret this choice. But I love Jaguar car…

Can you dance? Do you dance? How do your family rate your dancing?

I’m always dancing. I’m the kind of person who dancing alone in front of my mirror, and my mother too. She’s dancing more than me at house. She is my model.

Ajmal Logha sounds to me very cinematic, mystical – has your music been used in films?

Yes! In little documentary, short movies, and I’m gonna realize a original soundtrack this winter, for a long movie of young French directors, a “wirewolf” movie. It’s a dream for me to realize that

What have you ever worn on stage that makes you laugh now?

One day I made a replacement at last time for a friends’ concert, didn’t have to change my outfit, and I go on stage with my jogging and chapka. It was fun

Is there a book or novel that you would like to create songs or the score for? Why is this? What style(s) would you favour?

I’m reading this wonderful series of books name “ Chronicles of Amber” , of Roger Zelazny. It’s science fiction/ fantasy/ parallel world books, absolutely not adaptable on movie, but it’s a dream book, there is a lot of melodies to think when you read it

Did you enjoy school? whether you did or not, which song reminds you of schooldays ( artist / title / source album ) ?

No. I quit school when I was 15. Because I wanted to learn things… paradoxal isn’t it? It was a risk. I work hard. Crap jobs at beginning. But I learn a lot I don’t regret it at all. I’m still learning, always.

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(A big thank you to Jo and to Fishbach)

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Fishbach’s debut album “À ta merci” (Deluxe Edition) is out now as a 19-track CD and 12-track Vinyl edition on Wrasse Records. 

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