Mauro Dirago & Kate Robbins Release New Music Video.

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Mauro Dirago – one of the team behind the globally successful Elvis Royal Philharmonic Orchestra albums – swings melodically into 2018 with the release of his own deluxe album ‘Rewind Deluxe’, out on Friday 2nd March 2018  As an industry stalwart, it’s no surprise that the album is bursting with star-studded collaborations including Kate Robbins who duets alongside Mauro on the new single ‘Fever’ (out Friday 26th January 2018), Britain’s Got Talent star Julian Smith who delivers the world’s first ever sax duet and Boy George, whose dance remixes have been added as bonus tracks to this deluxe edition.


‘Rewind Deluxe’ is an eclectic album of our time. A journey through musical decades, traversing genres and sounds that have become the road-map to musical history.  Shunning the need to succumb to trend or fashion, this album delivers an eclectic collection of singles from across the decades, all jig-sawing easily together into the perfect album; star-studded with impressive collaborations to add extra spice.  Spinning back to the 80s, ‘Slave For You’ is a partnership with Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Julian Smith, delivering elements of a rich latin sound; the George Michael-esque ‘King of Kings’ was written for Mauro by Rob Davies & Boy George (again, a strong supporter of Mauro); whilst ‘Addicted To Fame’ is a poke at the current desperation for celebrity status, wanting to be famous simply for the sake of fame.  For this deluxe edition, Mauro delivers an additional four songs,  bowing to strong public demand as two of the  bonus tracks are the highly sought after club and acoustic mixes of his collaborative work with Boy George on ‘King of Kings’, plus the new Latin version of ‘Slave For You’ and new tracks ‘Life In The Love Lane’ and ‘A In Love’.


A tribute to his all-time hero, Elvis, Mauro pluck his unique version of ‘Fever’ from the album as his next single release.  Featuring Paul McCartney’s cousin, Kate Robbins, this version of ‘Fever ’is the first time that anyone has recorded the track with a male and female artist.


‘Fever’ isn’t usually recorded as a man/women duet, so it was great to record it in this way. Working with Mauro Dirago is always fun! – Kate Robbins

“Mauro Dirago is one of those chaps who ALWAYS attracts attention… Usually when seen near a cashpoint with his screwdriver. But seriously, when he performs it’s a party. His ear for a melody, enthusiasm and easy-on-the-ear vocals make him a natural star. Here, rather than copy Peggy Lee, Mauro and Kate inject something new into this sensual blues number. Try not tapping you feet!” – Pete Sargeant Just Listen To This  

Pete Sargeant

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You can watch the official video for Mauro Dirago featuring Kate Robbins ‘Fever’ in this article.

The new single ‘Fever’ is released on Friday 26th January 2018 on Bright Star Records.

The debut album ‘Rewind Deluxe’ is released on Friday 2nd March 2018 on Bright Star Records.

For more information visit his official website here:

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