Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor Presents- Creatio  Ex Nihilo

Independent Label

The opening track of this album ‘Look Me in the Eyes’ creates a dream-like state for the listener with a use of floating vocals and light funky guitar that reminds me of Nile Rodgers. Straight away its clear to me that Chris Taylor is an artist who would rather release a track seven minutes and twenty seven seconds in length so people can hear his work as in its entirety rather than a three minute pop song that doesn’t stay true to himself as a creative individual.

‘The Shadow of Your Melody’ features a beautiful female vocal and pretty much relies on guitar and what sounds like a saxophone (I’m not sure if it is an actually saxophone or the sound being created through keyboards and synths) and it feels a bit static compared to ‘Too Good for This World’ which kicks in straight away and has guitar which is well-played technically. ‘Frozen Time (Midnight Quiet) uses Hammond organ to create an eerie vibe that makes you feel like you’re lost somewhere in a forest or abandoned building. This song has very dark musical undertone which can be really difficult to convey in a piece of music. It would be perfect for an up-and-coming horror film at a film festival like Cannes or Sundance.

‘Creatio Ex Nihilo: Dozen’ is recorded in such a way it does make you quite sleepy (not because it isn’t good, but it is quite peaceful and hypnotic with the counting and chimes. If you need to relax after work then this is the perfect track. ‘Music Lets the Light In (Version 1)’ for me doesn’t really go anywhere whilst ‘Thou Art A Dreaming Thing’ is reminiscent of Massive Attack and is my favourite track on this album.

In conclusion, it is quite rare to find a fourteen-track album where they are all quite substantial in length and the effort involved in creating this album must be congratulated. I do find this album an interesting piece of work as it is quite difficult to categorise which is by no means a bad thing. I would be interested to see how he would attempt these songs in a live setting as it is quite electronic but overall a credible album.

Glenn Sargeant


Chris Taylor Presents- Creatio  Ex Nihilo is out now.

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(Some Approaching Wonder) Look Me in The Eyes 07:27

The Shadow of Your Melody 04:59

Too Good For This World 07:00

Frozen Time (Midnight Quiet) 06:33

Creatio Ex Nihilo (Dozen) 04:35

Music Lets The Light In (Version 1)04:40

Thou Art A Dreaming Thing 07:27

Sweetheart Fade Away 07:35

The Magic Hand Of Chance (Imitation of Faith) 04:17

Just A Feather On Your Breath 05:00

Doorway Of Life (You Are Who You Are)09:09

Luminis 04:30

Too Good For This World (Mystic Version) ~ Bonus Track 06:54

Music Lets The Light In (Alternate Version) ~ Bonus Track 04:40