Huw Eddy & The Carnival

Fading (Single)


Huw Eddy & The Carnival is lead by a 20 year old male who has explained that his debut single ‘Fading’ is about the fact that he fears that he might actually be falling off the face of the earth. Huw declared ‘“Now, I want you to try and make a man of me or I’ll just start fading”and it is clear that this song is dealing with quite a dark subject matter; the toll on his mental state whilst being a student.

It did take Huw quite a journey to assemble his Carnival having traveled from the South-West to Blackpool via the place that is Coventry to find fellow members but it soon came together in Leeds as they blended modern indie pop with a dash of folk.

In a society where university tuition fees are increasing, graduate jobs are few and far between and the discussion of ‘mickey mouse’ subjects is still a tender issue it is no wonder that Huw Eddy felt the need to pen this song of well for one of a better word isolation.

But what can we learn from this debut which has been written by an individual who according to his press release ‘ has been schooled for a whole childhood by the Cathedral Choirs of middle England’? Does it fill you with the burning desire to protest outside a library or to put items that should be in your work out tray into your in tray just to generate a bit of personal anarchy where no one gets hurt or arrested? It does make you want to crave for those personal victories especially through tough  times. However,it is at heart a lively song that will make you want to dance and it does put you in the mind of a carnival with its dreamy horns and solid bass.

I found it a little bit frustrating at times as I couldn’t clearly hear what he was singing at certain points in the song which meant that I couldn’t get the emotional ‘tug at your heartstring’ connection that I was hoping for given the subject matter.

If you enjoy the work of Paolo Nutini, Maverick Sabre or The Urban Voodoo Machine then you might enjoy Huw Eddy and The Carnival as the song is an uptempo number but this release wasn’t really for me.

Glenn Sargeant

Huw Eddy

Huw Eddy and The Carnival’s debut single will be released on Friday 5th February 2016. On the release date, Huw Eddy and The Carnival  will be at the 360 Club Leeds on with guests being sent home with a solid limited edition copy of the debut single. Tickets are priced at £5.80 and are available here:

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(Thanks to Matt Sherratt for help with this review)