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One thing you can be sure about with K-Syran the Norwegian singer-songwriter is that a new album release will not be a repeat of the last collection. This time around the production team of Philip Larsen and Manhattan Clique is involved plus she is working with some of her regular musicians Gauthier Toux, Erwan Valazza, Axel Lussiez and Leon Phal. These coves know how to get the best out of the artist’s voice and altogether these colleagues point to and achieve an international sound.

K-Syran is often concerned about global issues and social justice and on occasion these elements are part of the songs. But the infectious dance beat is never far away, indeed since the last album some dance hits have been landed, especially in the US. Built in to her career involvement are videos and we shall try to add one or two in this piece. Also when the artist and JLTT crew had dinner in London recently we recorded some of her commentary on the record before she was whisked off to a My Baby gig in Camden as a surprise for her…watch this space

Lead track Dizzy has already been a hit single in various territories. It skips into earshot over a syncopated beat, keys-based, the breathy vocal soon hitting a chorus which is 100% proof Eurovision. The headiness of the lyric is complemented by the edgy backdrop. Be warned, this is one catchy song. As ever, a lot of the fun is figuring out which lyrics are autobiographical and which just spring from her screenplay-oriented imagination. I haven’t yet mastered that!

Temptation is a darker and moodier piece altogether, attaining a soft and steady sensual mood. The melody has gentle strength, halfway between Abba and Syreeta..which may sound curious but just take a listen. Skin is middle-of-the-night music, for sure. The backing is kept airy and misty and after a minute a hypnotic sold beat kicks in. There is a video for the next cut Hudson River. It’s taken at a dreamy summertime tempo, emphasing the romantic element. Soon the tempo is hitting a faster groove. Another catchy tune.

Staring At The Wall starts solemnly, another dreamy mood is conjured up. There’s a distant tinge of Bowie in the machine-like beat and electro vibe, whether K-Syran realises it or not. Would have been a good one fr the sax, with delay ! Show Me has a spacey atmosphere and has maybe the best lyric, based on doubt. A highlight of this set, I venture. My Angel Tonight rides in on nightclub piano and paints a fine picture of the city by night. One of the best vocals on the collection. Oh and here is the sax!

LA is as fragile a song as you’ll hear, perhaps a tad too fragile? Call Out My Name is an insistent, shimmering gem of a song. Obsession seems to be the inspiration in the words. The heavier beat makes it even better. A well-constructed number and I’d love to add guitar to it…one day, Miss. Peace Song is a sure-footed paean to universal love, drawing on her sense of social responsibility, closing the record on a positive note.

A clutch of moods presented here, melody is never far away in this very European music.

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks Sam, thanks K-Syran)

K-Syran's new album 'Dizzy' is out now on Intimacy Records.

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