My Indigo

My Indigo


There’s a rather unusual inspiration to this release, leading to an album that both had to be made and is something of a left turn. The act is fronted by Sharon den Adel, star vocalist and songwriter with Within Temptation, well-known to connoisseurs of Female Fronted Symphonic Metal groups. Believe it or not, that includes us. Taking a break from the group and its heavy touring schedule, Sharon also had to deal with a close family member falling ill. When the muse returned, her head was in a different place and the mood of the music less triumphant, more intimate and personal. Still working with WT’s producer Daniel Gibson, the My Indigo sound evolved fairly quickly. And from the above, please don’t assume the record is a bucket of misery. It’s an accomplished singer and composer working in different territory. Imagine an acrylic painter trying oils for a while…

Lead and title cut My Indigo dances in on steady acoustic guitar, a plaintive vocal tone delivering each word clearly. The band sound is full and after a minute the drums propulsive and emphatic, leaning back for the next verse. The tempo is electro-pop and not metal. It suits the song. Making use of dynamics, the song just aches and the scene is set.

Next up, Crash And Burn sets off on a sombre progression, with cold trumpet over an automated rhythm and some preacher samples. A minute in Sharon is using her higher register and it sounds for all the world like a warmer Eurhythmics. The chilly, synth-soaked backdrop does give a very 80s ambience. It is sung with heart and edge and though the drums are at the very opposite end of my preferences, I have to say. Black Velvet Sun puts all the emphasis on the impassioned vocals over light percussion. It is refreshing to ear every word so clearly. The string arrangement gives a true European feel to the song. Maybe the best vocal in the programme.

Indian Summer is all echoey mystery and an odd tempo that hints at reggae. The lyric centres on the sensual and overall the steady pump of the tune puts this listener in mind of Clean Bandit. Fans of CB would surely take to this? Now surely there will be a whispery, piano-led song here ? And here it is, in Out Of The Darkness. Beautiful delivery and an affecting inclusion. On to Star Crossed Lovers using subtle guitars and here the sound drifts close to S Nicks F Mac in atmosphere. Here den Adel is pouring everything she has into the song, holding melody but tempering the insistence with enough variety to make it listenable.

Someone Like You is virtually folk in pace and phrasing and again the lyric oozes pain as snapshots from the past seem to flash by…let’s be frank, this release could have reeked of self-pity a la Phil Collins BUT it is actually a kind of celebration much of the time. The artist’s take on what is really of value in life seems to me to be the hub of what this work is about..Sharon, put me right if I’m wrong…Safe And Sound doesn’t really get going for me but the backing vocals are superb.

Lesson Learned uses stately piano to make its point and this is the boss lyric on this set, I suggest. Strangely, it would work in a Within Temptation setlist. Where Is My Love has a dream-like setting and reflects on loss. A sombre closer, developing a big sound.

A necessary, cleansing musical detour for a fine singer.

Pete Sargeant



(Thanks to Sue and Asher at Republic Media)

My Indigo's self-titled debut album is released on Friday 20th April 2018 on MVKA.

For more information and to pre-order the album visit My Indigo's official website here:

My Indigo