Rich Robinson

Through A Crooked Sun

(Circle Sound/Eagle Rock)

If you’re going to put out a re-release, this is the way to do it, and the story here is that when the Black Crowes came off the road after three years touring and recording, Rich had a bunch of songs he was itching to get recorded. So he headed to Applestock Studios in Woodstock NY along with drummer Joe Magistro. Warren Haynes popped by to help on one number and Larry Campbell added pedal steel here and there. The resultant recordings have an organic warmth that is not always available in US studios and not too much compression which seems to be the current bane of some Nashville Studios. Rich plays a mean guitar, of course and the highlights here include the old Kirwan/Spencer/McVie number ‘Station Man’ with the great John Medeski on keys, gritty opener ‘Gone Away’, ‘It’s Not Easy’’s almost Santana-like moodshifting tread, with twinkling electric piano and twanging acoustic and electric guitar and the melancholic arpeggio’d intro to ‘Lost And Found’ which rivals Neil Young for its blend of surefootedness and bewilderment. As for ‘Standing On The Surface Of The Sun’, its solemn pace and blues guitar runs make it a dark piece indeed, notwithstanding its title. There are two bonus cuts, the better of which is the alternate take 0f ‘It’s Not Easy Again’ with fabulous guitar playing over a moody backing, taking its time and digging deep. If you like Sugar but can appreciate Bob Mould’s own albums I’d say that this is the equivalent when set against The Black Crowes’ output.

Rich Robinson


Pete Sargeant

Rich Robinson’s album ‘Through A Crooked Sun’ is out now on Circle Sound/Eagle Rock. For more information visit his official website here: