Tinez Roots Club

Have You Heard?!

(Rootz Rumble)

Thirteen cuts on this new release from this outfit with a statement on the cover reading ‘Great Original Songs And Rockin’ Horns!’ on the cover, as a quote from someone.

The chap with the sax on the cover looks like a refugee from The Specials however the music on the disc is more swing and jump-blues going by starter JL Boogie, a 12-bar sax workout with puffing Hammond in the mix and handclaps, perfect for those who can dance, which doesn’t include this writer.

Please Tell Me sounds like car-journey music for a Swinging London 60’s film. The outfit comprises a clutch of virtuoso musicians with Dutch-sounding names – Martin Tinez Van Toor on tenor and vocals, Everdt Hoedt on baritone sax, Rob Gerboers on the Hammond and Andreas Robbie Carrie on drums, supplemented by some other players.

The title rack continues the finger-clicking groove and Cast Away Your Spell brings us Van Toor singing over a night-club tune, key change and all. The organ playing that introduces Goin’ To The Church gives way to a greasy, curling sax melody. All the compositions are original, but I know an Eddie Harris riff when I hear one, Martin!! The drum start to What You Do To Me sounds a tad Brian Bennett but the tune is very Peggy Lee in feel.

We’re Gonna Rock lives up to its name but is a Six-Five Special style effort with vocals. Indeed I Do is a sleazy ballad in style with muted wah style trumpet. Sounds like New Orleans funeral accompaniment. Firmly stuck in the late 50’s, this set showcases great sax playing but does not sound as though it is trying for too much more than that.

Pete Sargeant 


Tinez Roots Club's new studio album 'Have You Heard?!' is out now on Rootz Rumble.

For more information visit their official website here: http://bit.ly/2u8Ej8U

Tinez Roots Club