Husky – 20 Questions

This Australian duo interested us here at JLTT and we offered them one of Pete’s customised questions sets. We are pleased to present their responses for your entertainment. Thank you Husky. 


  • How did you find playing here in London?

Was a really nice, intimate show. Place was small and the people were packed in and with us the whole way. I was born there, and although I only lived there for the first year of my life, it was kinda like a hometown show.

  • Suggest two or three great drum intro’s to songs or instrumentals (any genre) (tune /artist/ source album)

* 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon, Still crazy After All These Years

* When The Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin, Led Zepellin 4

* Honky Tonk Women, Rolling Stones

  • A favourite bassline on a dance recording and why?

Around the World, Daft Punk – Just a super funky bassline – makes the song. Classic Gondry music video too.

  • Do you currently have an favoured stage instrument for a/ acoustic and b/ electric – explain the choices please

I use a Martin 000-15M for Acoustic. Great balanced sound, feels nice to play and stays in tune. For electric I use a Bill Nash Tele. Very versatile, awesome neck and sounds amazing.

  • Name a great recording including in the title 1/ Red 2/ Silver 3/ Blue (artist/title/source album for each please) and explain why chosen

The War on Drugs, Red Eyes, Lost in the Dream – Great guitar sounds and energy and production in general – great to run to.

Jonathan Wilson, Valley of the Silver Moon, Gentle Spirit – I love all of JW’s recordings. Beautiful production and great songs. This one is no exception.

Leonard Cohen, Famous Blue Raincoat, Songs of Love and Hate – A great song about friendship and betrayal.

  • Name a TV series where the theme music was better than the actual shows and do you know who created or recorded it?

I really love the piano song for the show Transparent. But I can’t say it’s better than the show. As good as!

  • Which song of yours do you find yourself explaining the most why is that?

Probably I’m Not Coming Back. I guess it’s because it’s played the most on the radio. And maybe also because it hints at a back story but never reveals it.

  • A recording that makes you laugh ….intentionally or otherwise! (artist / track / source album)

Kevin Bloody Wilson’s ‘I’ve had an absolute C#@* of a Day’

  • Name an album or a couple of albums where the cover or artwork could have been better, in your humble opinion….give any thoughts around this

Svetlana Gruebbersolvik – My Lips Are For Blowing – I think they could have been more creative with the album cover for this one.

What inspired ‘I’m Not Coming Back ‘?

Just the usual, garden variety feeling you get sometimes that you need to get the hell out of somewhere.


  • Jimmy Barnes and Annie Lennox record a duet – what song do they sing and who backs them?

Yikes! Ok – what about ‘Don’t Know Much’ backed by the E Street Band?

  • Is there a real Ruckers Hill?

There is indeed. Ruckers Hill is in an area called Northcote. If you’re from Melbourne you would know the area as is has a high concentration of bars, cafes and live music venues. We recorded our first record ‘Forever So’ very close to there.

  • An acoustic gem? What song/tune and who by? What’s the appeal?

(Not sure if I’ve understood this question.. )

Don’t Think Twice Its Alright – Bob Dylan. Certainly an acoustic gem. A perfectly crafted break up song and a good example of Dylan’s ability to ‘flip’ an entire song with one or two lines which he does in the last verse.

  • Is there a song that both you and your Mum or Dad really like? Or liked?

‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison. My folks listened to his music when I was growing up and I really didn’t like him. I thought he was daggy – but I later I learnt how incredible he was. He was one of the great pop singers and someone I’ve listened to a lot the last few years.

  • Best 2nd or follow up album of all time and why? ( I love The Doors ‘Strange Days’)

Paul’s Boutique: Beastie Boys.

Released in 1989 after their first record Licenced To Ill, Paul’s Boutique was a more complex and challenging record. While it didn’t have hits like the previous record, it shows that the Beastie Boys were a band with depth and skill – a band to be taken seriously. They went on to make two more great albums but Paul’s Boutique for me represented a shift in their careers.

  • Suggest an ‘expanded edition’ album release where the additional cuts impress you…and why?

What’s Going on – Marvin Gaye. Everything about those sessions was so amazing from the bass playing to the string arrangements. Not to mention Marvin’s performance. It was a magical album –and the sum of such perfect ingredients.

  • Name an actor or actress who made a listenable song recording – and what’s the appeal?

Steve Martin – The Crow.

If you grew up in the 8o’s and 90’s it was had to avoid Steve Martin. It seemed like he was in every second movie at that time – his face always on your TV screen in your loungeroom. I loved him as a kid and later, as an adult, found that he’s is a great bluegrass banjo player. What a talented guy!

  • Where are you planning to tour next?

We just got home from a very long period of overseas touring. So for now we are just settling back into home life. We will start to write and record a new album shortly and after some Australian festivals and gigs we will be back on the road in no time.

  • Tell us about the Melbourne music scene and opportunities to play/perform/record?

The Melbourne scene is really strong with lots of great music venues and bands. It’s a scene that I find very inspiring and there are lots of talented people making music of all sorts. There is a rich culture of performing and recording music here and people from all over the country move to the city to explore it. It’s definitely the best music hub in the country.

  • Which of your own recordings show you at your most a/ aggressive b/ relaxed c/ confused

(Do I answer all of these??)

a – ‘For To Make A Lead Weight Float’

b – ‘Instrumental’ – (from our first record Forever So)

c – Saint Joan

Pete Sargeant

Husky’s new single ‘Saint Joan’ is released on Friday 4th March 2016. For more information visit:

(Thanks to Husky and Gav and Tony at Impressive PR for help with this article)