20 Questions for I AM ROSIEMAY
So, readers I am in Camden on a Saturday night –  trying to locate the right venue for a young blues hotshot guitar player. I do make it eventually, but not before I see a mariachi band with accordians and marraccas, with lithe Latin goddesses dancing the night away (boy, did I feel out of place ) But then in the wrong venue AGAIN a showcase by a fine female singer who turns out to be I AM ROSIEMAY…So I obtain  a great 4 track EP and say hello before scooting off to the blues gig located nearby.  I wondered later whether our chanteuse might undergo one of our (customised) question sessions.  And she has, so read on…
  • There’s a few artists with similar names to yours…hence the ‘ I Am..’?

 Yes, there’s a few other musical Rosie May’s floating around and I’ve been confused with another a few times. I remember playing a gig once in Hampstead Heath and when I got to the venue the poster for the event had my bio, but a photograph of the other Rosie on it. From then on I wanted to define myself without dramatically changing my name. Adding “I Am” at the front of my name and deleting the space between Rosie & May seemed the fitting thing to do. It also helps people find me online easier!

  •   What’s the story behind your song ‘Quite Like Me’?

 ‘Quite Like Me’ is about entering into a relationship with someone who has had a long romantic history with someone else and reassuring myself that he can move on and love me. It can also be seen as marking the cards of his past love that he’s mine now.  

  •  What comes first when you compose – the words or the music /chords?

 The most natural way of me writing is to play around on the piano with some clumsy real simple chords and then sing about whatever I’m feeling at the time. I also get involved in other projects where music is sent to me and I write the lyrics.  

  •  What instruments can you/Do you play?

 I can play trumpet, clumsy piano and tap a drum. 

  •  In which film should the lead female role have gone to YOU? – We can all dream

 I like this question! If I was around in 1990 I would have loved to play Vivian in Pretty Woman. I love that film 

  •  Kate Bush or Michelle Branch?

 Kate Bush

  •   Did you ever see or take an interest in the group Zero 7? 

 Excuse my ignorance I hadn’t actually heard of them until now. I just had a listen to their track “Destiny” they have a very chilled/cool vibe going on. Thanks for the tip off; I’ll listen to more!

  •   Can you dance? Do you dance?

As a child I took part in ballet classes, I’m quite proud I got to grade 5.  I don’t dance much anymore only when I’m in a club with my friends!

  •  Name a recording that finishes too soon for you? Remind me to tell you my Tony Joe White Story!

 Umm at the moment it’s Disclosure ft. London Grammar “Help Me Lose My Mind” What’s the Tony Joe White story?!  ( I‘ll tell you next time we meet – Pete )

  • Who plays with you on live performances and what instruments/whatever?

 I love my backing band. I’m fortunate to have some incredibly talented musicians/friends that go by the names of Cal Owen (Guitar), Tom Woodstock (Piano), Mike (Drums) and either one of the Bass brothers Kieran or Murray Dougall. 

  •  Some of your work reminds me on Vanessa Daou – any thoughts?

 I’ve had quite a few comparisons in my little life from Billie Holiday through to Amy Winehouse from Rihanna to Paloma Faith. However,that’s a new one! I like new comparisons. I don’t know much about her, but I’ll check her out.  

  •  In your opinion, what do most people have too much of? And what do they have too little of?

 I’m not sure it’s most people, but a lot of people have too many words. They either talk about themselves too much or their words fuel promises that they don’t fulfill.  A lot of us have too little time; it’s always running away!

  •   It is said that in a struggle between Art and Commerce, Commerce will always be the victor…How might we counter this?

 This is rather intellectual for my little brain ha! I don’t think we can overcome this dilemma as they say money rules the world, but on a personal level as long as you stay true to your art and what you envision it to be I don’t see it as a struggle. 

  •  Ever been tempted to or encouraged by others to go the TV talent show route?

 I get it all the time! People ask if I’m going to go on the X Factor etc. To be totally honest now I’m a little older I’ve realised its not for me. They don’t really care about finding talent its all just about making a TV program. That said if I had to choose a TV “talent” show I’d go with The Voice as for me it comes across as the most credible.

  •  What apparel suits you and what definitely doesn’t?

 I’m not really a tracksuit kinda girl, I much prefer to feel and look glamorous.

  •   Name a track (artist / title / source album) that you find really relaxing?

 Right now I’d say Lianne La Havas’ track – ‘ Elusive ‘

  •  What concert or show are you glad you decided to go to and which do you regret?

 At 13 years old I saw Christina Aguilera at Wembley, which was a big deal for me! So far I’ve been fortunate, I haven’t seen a bad gig although I regret NOT getting to see Amy Winehouse.  

  •  ‘These Big Tears’ struck me at your live show – and I thought it probably could be arranged a number of ways – acoustic? With horns? …any thoughts or comments?

 I’m glad it struck you! It’s kinda ironic as it’s a sad song, but I actually had fun writing it. It was written in an afternoon with my producer Larry Hibbitt and a great guy Bnann Watts. I have played live acoustic versions in the past. It’s funny you should mention horns, the sound of a brass section takes me back to my school days when I was the lead singer in the “Big Band” I love that sound. 

 Your lyrics are often sensual  – unless I am way off track! – and I wonder what film and also what book may have fed your creativity?

 I literally take inspiration from my own experiences. I prefer to write that way. There’s nothing like recounting your own feelings of love, lust and Vulnerability.  

 What one feature of your personality would you like to change? and what quality of yours is not always fully appreciated by others?

 Sometimes I’m struck with shyness in situations, I wish I was more outspoken at times, but I would much rather sing my way through life than talk! I care about lots & sometimes I don’t think people realise because of my shyness. Lack of conversation can be confused with vagueness or disinterest. I care, I really do, just listen to my lyrics!

Pete Sargeant

I AM ROSIEMAY’S 4-track EP is out now. For more information visit www.iamrosiemay.com