Austrian singer and songwriter has her own style but admits the influence of the UK’s very own Northern Soul scene. Here she kindly responds with answers and comments to one of Pete’s (customised) question sets. Do check out her quirky YouTube videos after you’ve enjoyed the following…

  • What’s with all the pastel-painted objects in ‘ Unknown’?  Very effective…

Thanks. The song is all about jumping into the unknown and the painted objects represent the new things you find in life after taking a leap. Change and new experiences always coloured my life. That’s what they stand for.

  • Björk or Björn (and Benny and…)?

Ha! Definitely Björk!!! No Abba for me.

  • Name a song (artist/title ) that makes you want to dance

Pharoahe Monch – Desire

  • Which film should have had YOU in the female lead role?  We  can all dream…

I would have loved to play Julie in ‘Julie and Julia’. Yes that’s how much of a foodie I am.

  • Have you ever watched a complete TV series? If so, which one and why?

Yes, House of Cards. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. Too addictive…

  • Your favourite song with ‘rain’ in the title – what song, who by and why this choice?

‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ by Billie Holiday. because Billie always wins.

  •  Is that a bass or baritone sax in ‘Too Close’? Who’s playing it ?

I did. I played the bass line on a vintage analogue synthesizer from the 70s.

  • Do you compose at the piano or on other instruments?  Do the words come first?

I always compose at the piano. sometimes the words come to me at the same time as the melody, but mostly they come last. I love to improvise and I think music benefits from that spontaneity, While however lyrics benefit from putting a lot of thought and time into them. So they mostly are the very last thing I write.

  •  Where should I eat in Vienna?  Name a good lunch and a good evening meal in the city and why you like them

 There are many places, Pete. but one of my favourite lunch spots is ‘Am Nordpol 3’ – they serve traditional bohemian-Austrian food that is just so comforting and good. You should have the variation of meat dumplings, with kraut and as a dessert powidltatscherl with hazelnut bread crumbs and brown butter. My favourite dinner place is ‘mraz & sohn’ – it’s a gourmet highlight. The food is ridiculously good and their wine menu endless.

  • Your favourite Kate Bush song, if you have one? And why?

I have always been more of a Tori Amos person. my favourite song of hers would be ‘Winter’.

  • If you received free theatre tickets, what sort of production would you most want to see?

I love to laugh, So I’d go for a comedy or a bizarre production.

  • Just how many hairstyles do you have?!

I have long hair and love to wear them open… But I also love the good old bun hairstyle as well.

  • What inspired the song ‘Four Walls’?

My last break-up. the moment when you walk through your apartment for the last time… damn.

  • It’s strange that for a psychedelic guitarist, I work a lot with pianos!  Describe for us the sound of a Schimmell piano against say a Yamaha acoustic.

Hmmm… psychedelic guitars and grand pianos always click, cause grand pianos have this magical power that you can totally lose yourself in the wall of sound they create. In that matter a grand piano is unique. But every instrument has its own flair of course… I love to play acoustic guitar for example- its warm sound always catches me and it touches your body. How nice!

  •  Name an album that should have had a better cover or artwork

Everything from Jon Bon Jovi

  • Who is in your live performing band? Do you tour? 

I play a lot of concerts- sometimes with my whole band and sometimes me alone on the piano. All the members of my band are close friends of mine. We’ve been playing together for many years and there’s just no better thing than to share the stage with people you love.

  •  Would you heed a call to write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest? What are your thoughts on the contest?

I would not want to participate in the contest, because I just really don’t like casting show formats. but I love Conchita Wurst, that’s for sure!

  • You get to record a duet with someone you much admire – Who is it? 

Paul McCartney or Prince.

  • and what song do you suggest ?

Any song they like.

  • What clothing do you favour for stage performances? Any favourite colours and any styles you avoid?

I love to wear dresses and I have a thing for black and white, but also for strong prints. You never see me in flats on stage – too short for those.

Pete Sargeant

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