Stealth – 20 Questions

Stealth is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham, United Kingdom who has worked with artists including Netsky Vs. Metrik, Nitin Sawhney to name a few, had his music feature in the television drama series ‘Suits’ and has also supported Vaults on tour. With his debut EP being released, Pete sat down with Stealth and asked him a set of his (customised) 20 questions:


  • What was the first gig you attended? Where was it and how old were you?
I was 14 and it was at the Carling Academy, me and my mate Pez went to see The Gossip. Beth Ditto was incredible. 
  • Can you tell me about the track ‘Intro’ from your new EP?
Its a bit of a tongue in cheek stab at myself being led a bit of a merry dance by the industry. Rather than going out and doing what I wanted I was trying to mould myself into what I thought would be successful. 
  • You recently toured the UK with the band Vaults. What was that experience like and do you have any highlights from that tour?
We went to Glasgow in Scotland, which on a technicality is another country so Im claiming it as a world tour! It was an amazing experience, the Vaults are great guys and it was great fun! The highlight was playing Heaven in London. Catching a few people singing the words back to a few tracks, that had never happened before and it was so surreal!
  • Name a track with 1) Two , 2) Four and 3) Six in the title. (Explain your choices please)


  • Just the 2 of us – I’m a huge Bill Withers fan
  • 4’33 – its a classical piece by John Cage, consisting of 3 movements of no music. Sometimes theres nothing better just listening to your surroundings.
  • 16 Shells from a thirty-ought 6 – by John Hammond purely because its cool as f**k


  • Where are you planning to tour next?

 We are discussing this at the moment. I’d love to do America, but it might be a bit early for that. Hopefully getting my own headline UK tour would be great!

  • You recently released the music video for the song ‘Judgement Day’. What was your thought process for that video?
I wanted to portray the battle of your conscience whether to face up to consequences or run away. Hence the light and dark. Amy (the dancer) was fantastic and captured both characters brilliantly. She choreographed the whole thing. 
You can watch the official music video for ‘Judgement Day’ here:

  •  Who is in your current touring band and who plays what?
 – Ross O’Reilly (30minslate) on Guitar
 – Sammer Sharawi (instasam) on Bass 
 – Guillaume Charreau (frenchie) on drums. 
  • Do you play any musical instruments?
I do play guitar and piano. But I’d never claim to be Jimi Hendrix or Mozart reincarnated. My main job is to sing.
  • What do you have planned in terms of future releases?
I have a few songs in contention for my second EP Verse which will come out later this year hopefully. So just trying to whittle them down to make sure this next EP is the best it can be.
  • Did you enjoy school? Regardless of whether you did or not, what song/s remind you of your schooldays? 
Yeah I enjoyed school, and a song called Oooh Ahhh by Grits always takes me back. It was my ringtone.
  • Could you tell me about the track ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’?
“I Don’t Need Your Love” is just about a relationship that both people aren’t fully invested in. And it would be healthier to just walk away. Sometimes the easy life is more damaging than the hard short term decision.
  • Have you ever in your life/would you ever take part in a song or singing contest?
I have done a few but now I probably wouldn’t, because I’ve enjoyed building what i have organically and although its a tougher road, in the end you have more creative control.
  • Best rock’n’roll swagger recording NOT by the Rolling Stones (artist/track/source album)
For me Fleetwood Mac – The Chain – from Rumors when that comes on my balls grow and I walk a little taller.
  • Which artist did you go to see perform with low expectations but ended up impressed? Where and when was this?
I saw a spoken word performance a few months back, can’t remember exactly where it was. It wasn’t so much an artist that impressed me it was the entire genre. I was blown away. And now I consider myself a spoken word fan! 
  • Has a radio DJ anywhere (and any era) ever impressed you and if so why?
Is it cliché to say John Peel? Just for what he did for bringing modern music to the masses. The music we listen to today has in part been shaped by him.
  •  Two tickets arrive for an artist you’ve always wanted to see live. Who is it and what song/s are you hoping to hear?
They all keep bloody dying! My answer would have been Prince, and I’ll be honest he could have sung me the phone book and I would have been amazed! But now I would probably say Alabama Shakes – I think Britney is amazing and I’d want to hear Give Me All Your Love.
  • What’s the live music scene like in Birmingham?
I’ve been in London for so long I couldn’t really tell you. But I did go to the Jam House the other week and saw some great bands deffo worth a night out! 
  •  Do you like the music of Bill Withers? If you do, what is it you enjoy about his work? 
BILL WITHERS IS GOD! (sorry Kanye) he just says what needs to be said. And sounds amazing doing it. 
  • What have you learned NOT to do on stage?
Don’t pull faces when you mess up. Most people wont have a clue and it just looks like you’ve shit yourself on stage.
  • If you could score a novel what would it be and why?
I’m stretching the novel part here and going onto graphic novels but I love The Walking Dead comics and to score that would be great!
Pete Sargeant
Stealth’s new EP ‘Intro’ is out now. For more information visit his official website here:
(Many thanks to Stealth for taking part in our 20 Questions With… series and to David Sullivan at Wilful Publicity for all of his help with this article)