Richard leads the roots band The Blue Devils , playing various instruments and singing ; their shows are musical and exhilarating, with Southern Rock and R&B seeping through and guitar interplay aplenty.  We thought Studholme might like to undergo a Pete Sargeant (customised) questioning…….



  •  Your favoured stage guitars ? and why ?


Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster…sometimes the old Epiphone Casino…and my small Martin acoustic. They sound great, play well, and are always totally dependable. And stay in tune.


  •  Name a favourite song about a place ? and have you been there ?


Hard one…I think Leland Mississippi Blues by Johnny Winter would be the one…I haven’t been, I’m sorry to say!



  •  Tom Jones or Tom Waits ?


Tom Waits. Although I love Tom Jones’ last album.



  •  You clearly love music, but what would you cross the room to turn off, if it came on the radio ?


That song “Let It Go”….Lord knows who did it but it’s intensely annoying.

It’s probably a good song but the screechy voice makes it impossible to get to the end. You could use it to keep cats out of the garden



  •  Songwriting – do the lyrics or music form first, for you ?


Either way. Sometimes a whole song forms in minutes lyrically…it takes as long to write as it takes to write down. The groove seems to form in my head out of nowhere while writing the words down…Other songs, I have a feel and some changes in my head already and I’ll sing anything just to find the rhythmic phrasing I want..then write a lyric that fits that vocal groove.


  •  Do you play with a plectrum ?


No..mostly not. About 80%/20% not. But it depends on the room and the reaction I’m getting from it.  Some might need that extra attack…as I set the amp pretty much the same everywhere, I need to make my sound with my hands, usually as the gig progresses!



  • Name an album cut ( title / artist / source album ) that would / should have been a hit single ?    ( I think the Searchers albums are full of them ! )


There’s so many…”No Easy Way Down” by Dusty Springfield, from the Dusty In Memphis album would be a strong contender…



  •  Nominate a favourite song by any artist about boots or shoes


Led Boots. Jeff Beck.


  • Suggest an album that you like but that should have had a better cover or artwork


Thats easy!! Geoff Achison’s one with the Union Jack eggcup with a guitar stuffed in the egg..the live one recorded at Tone Zone. I forget the title now…mind you, you would. There’s some terrific playing on it though.


  •  Tell us which Chuck Berry song best demonstrates his genius / magic touch


Another toughie!  I love Deep Feeling…although an instrumental. It is magic! Am I allowed two? Song? Too Much Monkey Business.


  •  Jim Morrison or Van Morrison ?


Van Morrison I think. I’ve heard so many stories about him but every time I’ve seen him he’s been the business. A favourite writer. But then so is Jim….


  •  Can you / do you enjoy musicals ?




  •  Which live album do you like best and why ?


BB King Live At The Regal. It’s just how this music is meant to be played.


  • Was a film sequel ( musical or not ) ever better than the original ?


Very close with Godfather II.


  •  What are your favourite recording by each of these artists ? Tim Rose, Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin


Tim Rose..Morning Dew…  Tim Buckley…I think he did a song called “Come Away Melinda” that was on the Rock Machine album that I liked. He was on TV the other night with Danny Thompson..really old footage. Tim Hardin? What is there not to like? “Reason To Believe”…”If I Were A Carpenter”…


  •  Can you dance ? do you dance ?


I’ve been known to!! Next time will probably be at Tom and Aloma’s wedding in July…


  •  Tell us a keyboard break that you particularly like ?  artist /title / source album


Ronnie Earl…Blues And Forgiveness. Bruce Katz’s Hammond solo on Contrition…


  •  Which book would you like to create the music for ? or contribute some songs to ?


Notes Of A Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowski.


  •  Who is in your touring lineup  at present, playing what ?


Myself, Jim Leverton on bass and vocals, Tom Jaworski, guitar and vocals, Aloma Reid, BV’s and main vocals, and either Graham Walker or Luce Langridge on drums.

Sometimes Andy Newmark will play, and sometimes Liam Genockey.  Depends who’s about. I’m very fussy about’s the most important thing in the band to me. Without a good drummer you’ve had it.

Hamish Stuart or Neil Hubbard occasionally dep for Tom or play the odd gig.

Thats always very special too!


  •  The fabulous Andy Newmark plays drums on some of your recordings – how do you know this terrific and one time Family Stone sticksman ?


I met Andy on a gig because he lives fairly locally…Jim asked him to dep one evening. We got on OK and I asked him if he would record with me. He said OK..and we’ve done “Life” and a few gigs together.


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