The King’s Parade

We caught this act out at The Walled Garden Festival in deepest Kent and were pleased to find in conversation with them after their set that the material was their own. The nearest reference points might perhaps be The Gin Blossoms, Squeeze and Crowded House however for us it was the touch of Hall & Oates that made their performance special. We have now lined them up against the wall to explain themselves …thank you all, gentlemen for your entertaining responses…

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Olly Corpe (Lead Vocalist & Guitarist)

What are your favoured stage guitars and why?

At the moment, I play my D’Angelico Deluxe SS and a 1950s Eggmond (Dutch Brand). The D’Angelico has got such a beautiful sound. I used to play a Gretsch so I wanted a middle ground between Bluesy and Rocky. The Eggmond has got such a distinctive almost ‘toyish’ sound which makes it stand out from any other guitar and changes the vibe for a few songs.

What is your aim when performing as a band? And in particular at festivals?

I don’t think there’s much of an aim when you’re up there. You play because you love playing and you live for the feeling of performing your own songs. There’s nothing like it. The moment you know that the crowd are completely at one with you is incredible and every gig is a pursuit of that feeling. Festivals can be more of a fishing game sometimes. You know that a lot of the folks watching you won’t necessarily have heard of you so you’ve gotta really work to get everyone on board. Which makes it all the more satisfying when they do.

How did your great letters animation video come about?

Initially the video was meant to be live action but we very soon realised that the animation involved would cost thousands so we tried to think up alternatives but we didn’t want to stray from the original concept. We got in touch with an animator (Lily Fang) based in New York who’d just finished uni and posted a few amazing videos online and she was keen to be part of the project!

What music would you run across the room to turn up if it came on the radio? (Artist /title ) – and what to turn OFF?

Tricky one! Whenever ‘All Star’ by Smashmouth comes on, I’ve got to get involved. I wouldn’t say it’s an accurate insight into my musical taste though. I know it’s old school but if anyone puts on the crazy frog they are at risk of losing their phone.

Name a great live album and outline its appeal to you plus any favourite inclusions

I absolutely love Muse – Hullbaloo. It’s the soundtrack to their Live at the Le Zenith in Paris. I couldn’t believe the sound they were getting out of that venue and the energy they managed to transmit in every song. One of my favourites has got to be ‘Muscle Museum’, such an amazing track.


Sam Rooney (Keyboards)

Tell us about your Nord setup and what does what, please?

Back before Nords and such came along, keyboards used to have a defining sound, not multiple banks of them! I love the sound of the classic keyboards and my Tri-Nordular set-up is the best modern imitation of this. The first Nord is set up as an E-Piano, to create sounds similar to that of a Fender Rhodes. The second is set up as an Organ, modelled on the Hammond B3. And the third is used as a piano/synth. Then when playing live, I just waft between them really..silly keyboardists!!

Patrice Rushen or Donny Hathway? Any favourite tracks

Donny Hathaway for me, always a sucker for a soulful vocal. My favourite, ‘A Song For you’. Patrice Rushen’s ‘Forget Me Nots’ used to be on my workout playlist though!!

Is there a book that you would like to score the music for and why? And what style of music would you aim at?

‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl as I think that would be a lot of fun. The music would probably end up very big-band sounding incorporating Tubas, many of them!

Name a track (artist /title) that you find really relaxing

‘To Build A Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra. Awwww yehhh

Are you a fan of Devo or Magazine? Any favourite tracks?

Not a big fan personally, after a quick watch though I must say Devo look hilarious!! Hopefully that was what they were going for??


Tom English (Bass)

Can you dance? Do you dance?

Haha no I can’t dance at all, but I like to!

Name your favourite James Brown track and explain its appeal to you

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World. I have really fond memories of playing this with the guys when we were just starting out and we had a 3 month stint as a house band on a cruise ship. Playing 4/5 sets a night 7 nights a week is a sure way to kill your favourite songs but this track always seemed to pick us up and get us going. It really raised the energy levels and was just so fun to play. Such a simple song but so powerful. Thanks JB!

What basses do you prefer to take out to gigs? What strings do you generally use?

I only ever play my J-Bass at gigs. It’s got such a versatile sound and is so easy to play. It just feels right, ya know? It’s a different situation in the studio though, I’m a huge fan of the sounds I can get from the Music Man Stingray (it’s just way too heavy to play live) and Hofner Violin bass (it’s so delicate I think I’d break it on stage) so they are my go to basses when we’re recording.

I use DR Black Beauties. I used to play DR Sunbeams which are very similar sounding but my seemingly corrosive sweat was wearing through strings in no time. The Black Beauties are a coated string and seem to last me a lot longer. They’re not quite as bright either which I really like.

Les Claypool, Jack Bruce or Jack Casady? Any favourite tracks of theirs?

Les Claypool – John The Fisherman

Jack Bruce – Sunshine Of Your Love

Jack Casady – Water Song

Name two recordings that are fine to drive to (Artist/Title/Source Album)

1.Houndmouth – On The Road – From the Hills Below the City

2. Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried – The Foundation (a TKP touring favourite!)


Chris Brent (Drummer)

Your playing has great definition? Are you a fan of Taylor Hawkins?

Thanks! Yes, I think Taylor Hawkins is great – I love the feeling of rawness he projects while maintaining great control and definition in his playing. Like Taylor, I’m also a huge fan of Stuart Copeland, who I see as the ultimate God in this arena.

Three tips for a novice drummer, please and two things to avoid at all costs!


1. Dedicate a section of your (hopefully regular) practice sessions to having fun. Play to your favourite records even if it’s just keeping basic time.

2. Listen to as much music as possible. Push yourself to listen to records from genres that you don’t necessarily feel at home in.

3. Set up mirrors to keep an eye on your posture – back pain is not fun!


1. Playing too much in one day. Drums can be a very physical activity and it’s important to be aware of when you’re overdoing it.

2. Forgetting to work on your groove!

Name a recording (Artist/Title/Source Album) that fades or ends too soon for you

Quite a few of the tracks on Fleetwood Mac’s album ‘Rumours.’ Just when it seems like Buckingham’s going to let loose, it starts fading out, and every time I’m like, “No….no….no!”

Which are the best sticks you have used and why?

Vic Firth 5a, hickory. They’re the industry standard for a reason! Great all-rounders and excellent feel.

What’s your favourite film soundtrack and why?

I love the soundtrack for the film ‘Birdman’ – the whole soundtrack simply consists of jazz drummer, Antonio Sánchez, improvising live to what he sees on screen. It is amazing how many different emotions Sánchez manages to conjure up single-handedly without any backing harmony or melody.

Bonus Question For The Band -Which is your favourite track on the new TKP EP and why?

Olly: ‘Of Stone’ ‘cause I love how gritty and groovy it is. It’s one of those tracks that I knew would sound next level recorded and it didn’t disappoint.

Sam: ‘Haze’ because I think it’s the best representation of us and our sound. If I had to show anyone a track of ours, I would always go for that one.

Tom: My favourite track to record from the EP was Of Stone. We really played around with the guitar sounds and the riffs came out sounding really fat. We layered some extra parts on afterwards too and experimenting with an e-bow on the bass was a lot of fun and sounded great!

Chris:’Not Yet’ because it was so much fun to record. We all played together live and just went for it!

Pete Sargeant

The King's Parade


(Many thanks to Olly and all of The King’s Parade for their responses and for providing the images and video)

The King’s Parade second EP ‘Haze’ is out now.

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