Angel Forrest

Electric Love


This album release has two discs – both live – and mixing Angel’s own compositions with he own favourites from others. Forrest is a Canadian artist BUT has Irish, Welsh and Italian strands in her DNA. Eschewing a string of non-PC gags about this from this English scribe and moving along, she certainly never lacks passion in her delivery. It’s a crowded field, the female roots vocalist but this set points at a strong stage presence. I love backing such vocalists, nobody looks at you and you can take care of the instrumental business. Angel now takes her Quebec success and experience to further climes..

Things start here with All The Way and immediately the skills of her guitar honchos Denis Columbe and Ricky Paquette are evident. Angel leans into the number with a soul edge, helped along by the propulsive backing. Yes she’s heard Janis Joplin but has her own thing going on in there. Bonnie Raitt has obviously left her mark on this lady, if anything more so. The guitars are emphatic and fluid.

Next up is Spoil Me Up, a sexy pumping tune that allows Forrest to dig deep. The familiar Piece Of My Heart is given a chugging acoustic treatment, maybe a bit too Janis? Walkin’ Blues hits an irresistible groove and seems to be based on the Butterfield approach, ringing guitar and all. Everybody in the world has had a go at House Of The Rising Sun. Here the players inject a moody vibe that makes the song dark and soulful. How You Do goes for a jazzy relaxed atmosphere and is the best cut on the first disc, awesome singing and a late-night ambience. The tempo hots up and the band stay in the saddle. That guitar sure sounds like Les Dudek! Would be great to hear Angel try Old Judge Jones…

Move On is stealthy, which this crew does very well. Forrest sings with an airy precision, words clear as a bell. The band work the tune, pushing her along.

Goodbye starts the second disc with a clean acoustic floating sound, riddled with funky motifs. The vocal is lovely, here. Roll On Down treads a semi-Gospel lope, gritty guitar leads to the fore. Very Raitt indeed ! Hold On Tight, Mr I’m Alright is the admonition you might expect over a fast boogie beat. Forrest lets rip. He ain’t werf it gal ! Crucify is as slow as Otis Rush at his saddest, Angel tells the tale, holding back at the start and building the tune up, aided by the sharp guitar. On to Mother Tongue Blues with rapid skipping beat and lapse into NO French, the players jump into action, making this one the liveliest tracks.

Turtle Blues returns us to a steady calm and more subtle axe alchemy. Bobby McGhee again invites comparisons but might just be a crowd favourite. There are other Kristofferson tunes! Closing medley Mama / Whole Lotta Love rocks things up with fluid guitar.

Obviously born to walk on stage and emote, the combination of Forrest’s voice and a quality band make her impactful and appealing.

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks to Golly and Simon)

Angel Forrest's new album 'Electric Love' is out now.

In addition, she will be touring the UK for the first time in March 2018. For tickets and more information visit her official website here: 


Angel Forrest