4 Shots! EP

(Roulette Media)

Visually, this rock four-piece seem to observe all traditions – lively images posing, lairy clothes, showy hair…so what matters is the quality of their material and the impact of their performances. The personnel comprises Angelo Tristan guitar /vcl, Todd Winger on guitar, Jack Bentley Smith on bass and Ben Atkinson drums. Mixing falls to Sean Kenny and mastering to Robin Shmittz. This year they made an impression on those at the Hard Rock Hell celebration party.

Starting cut Going With The Wind does not picture the leaving of a Vegan restaurant but a full-blooded and moody slow-burner. The vocal has a tinge of Bryan Adams which has never done him any harm on sales. As a player I like the density and overlays in the acoustic and electric guitar arrangements, emphasising the almost regal delivery. This surefooted style will likely appeal to followers of FM and Whitesnake. The legato guitar runs might be a tad generic but they enhance the dynamics of the number very well.

The single Midnight Queen sounds just as purposeful, the sandpapered singing retains its melodic presence. With a cyclic tune that sounds as though it has been around forever, if anything this composition sounds a little similar to The Faces, again no bad thing in the melodic metal sphere, is it? No shouting and a rhythm section that sounds very together. The guitar break is fluid if twiddly. On to Angels Crying and an appealing slide guitar in the arrangement on an effort that will have female knees a-tremble. The chorus works well and stays in the mind. Surely a stage favourite in the making, here lads…

Just Waiting For You is my favourite inclusion here – lovely arpeggio guitar chording topped by a singing lead guitar. Then a vocal that retains control and atmosphere. Musically, I wonder whether this crew like Alice Cooper? The clever guitar work and cool bass and drums do suggest this, Angelo’s voice does grow on you, as he avoids Axl whining and Bon Jovi bleating.

Collateral sound like a proper band with a sense of direction. Time will give them a stronger sense of adventure, I venture – to enhance their competence, which your scribe does not doubt at all, from this collection. I will have to go to one of their shows, methinks.

Pete Sargeant


Collateral's debut EP '4 Shots!' is out now on Roulette Media.

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You can also visit the band's official Facebook page here:

In addition, Collateral will perform a headline show on Thursday 7th February 2019 at The Black Heart, Camden, London, United Kingdom. Tickets, priced £10 are onsale now via Alt Tickets , Gigantic  and the venue direct here:

They will also support Bad Touch on Friday 26th April 2019 at Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend, United Kingdom. Tickets are available here: