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The dance-pop queen rounds up recent releases for this album and the changes are rung. She seems to create a song for most moods and here the material is varied, as we might by now expect.

Proceedings start with Intimacy (Acoustic Mix) soaked in stately piano and synth strings, with an airy Ksyran vocal, all melody and plaintiveness. The chorus is almost hypnotic. The lightest of rhythm tracks prevents the song from being generic Euro danceroom fare. Hudson River (Original Mix) was a single and showcases some held vocal notes over a busy, almost frantic tempo and busy arrangement.

LA (Original Mix) has a sad, regretful lyric, all set to a pattering beat and moody synth counterpoints sprinkled through the composition. The actual melody is haunting. On to I Cant (Original Mix) with its urgency and icy-breath Scandi sound, deep reverbs throughout but not drowning the vocal which has its own driving power.

Featuring one-time Sugababe Amelle Berrabah – Testify (Dan Thomas Tropical Mix) is six minutes of pacey electropop and insistent rhythm with chilled interludes. The vocals are conspiratorial and spin around the song in an artful mix. Quite an experience.

Dizzy (Eric Alexandrakis JDX Club Vocal Remix) reminds me of NY songstress Vanessa Daou so I’m sold pretty early. Lovely strings over a bustling dancebeat and probably my favourite selection in this collection. Next up Heartless (N2S Mix) puts the distinctive Ksyran voice over a Minneapolis choppy tempo, creating a real electricity which won’t quit. Then Temptation (Luca Debonaire Remix) which is robotic dance stuff and not my bag at all, sorry. However You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Superstylers Mix) is already a favourite with me from earlier incarnations.

Albeit a definite Abba tinge…the lyric would make you think this lady had the saddest existence imaginable – which I know is not the case! This mix is a tad cold to my ears but the song is good.

Shake That Booty (Electrik Disco Remix) does indeed sound very machine-like but the insistent motif just gets you. The vocal tone here is especially sensual and this is a highlight of the album. Now we have Smash (Dan Thomas Commercial Mix) which has a cool chordal sequence to establish the song, then enter the bedroom vocal to gave a summer night passionate rush to proceedings. Peace Song (Original Mix) is a musical plea for renewal, a beautiful tune and in some ways the most radio-friendly item in this programme, benefiting from a gentler arrangement and a dead-on key for the vocal.

Hello (Acoustic Mix) gives a complete change with an acoustic-guitar based setting and truly soaring vocal. The words convey betrayal and yearning. Very nice tune.

Bonus cuts now: featuring Ricardo Tattoo, Smash (Electrik Disco Remix Bonus Track) and Shake That Booty (StoneBridge & Damien Hall)

Finally an Extra Bonus track being and again including Amelle Berrabah – Testify in a different sonic place.

Maybe too dance-oriented for a veteran rocker like me, this compilation gives that addictive voice many contexts, highlights as above. (If I beg on my knees, do you think Ksyran might let me add some soul guitar to Smash??)

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks to K-Syran and Dan)

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