Just Loud

Electrified (Single)

(Five Seven)


When a band or artist comes along with a name which does not include the genre or style in it that really does help them. The reason is that it doesn’t restrict your material as if you were could the Joe Bloggs Rock Community and one day you decided you wanted to record a funk number it would come across as slightly confusing and possibly difficult to market.

Well we now have a new single from Just Loud, a male solo artist from New York City entitled ‘Electrified’. Produced by Dave “Sluggo” Katz (Katy Perry, All Time Low) the track kicks in with a constant synth and keyboard that give the impression that he is influenced by Foster The People, Empire From The Sun and more notably MGMT.

Vocally, Just Loud seems to have the high falsetto voice which makes pop songs into massive hits. I was having a conversation with Sargeant Snr not that long ago about male vocals and we came to the realisation that acts such as Train and Maroon 5 amongst others have songs that both men and woman can sing along too because of the highish voice of the lead singer.

The song does have an accompanying music video which was directed by Max Hliva (Childish Gambino, Rae Sremmurd) that sees Just Loud singing with a microphone in some woodland to create what I can only describe as a sort of ‘rave in a Center Parcs.’

In conclusion, Just Loud is well on his way with the music video clocking up over three hundred thousand views in less then a week but on this occasion I cannot connect with this single as it seems to lack warmth and heart and the overall electronica tone left me feeling cold. He will be a favourite on the festival circuit though.

Glenn Sargeant 




(Thanks to David at Wilful Publicity for help with this article)

Just Loud's new single 'Electrified' is out now on Five Seven Music.

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