Strange Majik 

Listening To Leon (Single)


Now Strange Majik is an Emmy-nominated DJ, musician, singer and songwriter from New York City. He admits that he is obsessed with the work of American singer, songwriter and musician Leon Russell and has decided to convey his love through the form of music. ‘Listening To Leon’ has a crisp electric guitar intro courtesy of  David Pattillo (the real name of Strange Majik) and captures the rock and roll sound of that era beautifully.

The song’s lyrics are quite cheeky as Pattillo sings ‘I don’t mind an old pair of corduroys. Leave the tight pants for the stage’. Dillon Treacy on drums is an incredibly tight player and keeps it flowing even when the track slows down.

The honky-tonk style piano solo by Jake Pinto is fluid and suits the song perfectly. Pinto’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist are showcased here as he contributes not only piano but also bass and Wurly. This is an incredibly funky group of musicians!

In conclusion, this is a feelgood song which I think would be perfect to drive to on a hot summer’s day so I was surprised by the December release date. Strange Majik is quirky and incredibly interesting character so if you like listening to new music or want to just chill out in the car of garden then ‘Listening To Leon’ is for you.

Glenn Sargeant

‘Listening To Leon’ is out now and available to buy now on Strange Majik’s website:

(Thanks to Kieran White and Strange Majik for help with this review)