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What’s the inspiration behind the songs on Lance’s new album? What’s The Lopez Road Diet? What does he think of Eric Gales’ axe style? It’s all here in this cool exchange with us on ‘Tell The Truth’ – Thank you, Lance and keep rockin’ out…

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Your live album found you firing up the crowd – does it get easier, the more you play around the globe? Do you – like me – just love a new set of faces to perform for?

Absolutely! I love playing anywhere and everywhere! Just to be able and get up and play my guitar anywhere is such a privilege. It’s even better when everybody enjoys and get’s as you say “fired up”!

Tell The Truth has the occasional twist away from the material you do with Supersonic Blues do you decide what is right for an SBM and an LL record?

My solo work is definitely is completely different from Supersonic Blues Machine. SBM was Fabrizio Grossi’s vision, so therefore everything at the end of the day was decided by him. Although ‘Tell The Truth’ was produced by Fabrizio, it was more my vision and I brought a lot more of my own material to the table.

Which of your own songs so far would be most suitable for the opening of a film? And what kind of film?  I had a joke with the late Dickie Peterson that Blue Cheer’s Out Of Focus should have been heard when the dinosaurs appeared in Jurassic Park!

“Tell The Truth” I think would be the cool opener to a kickass action movie! That or “Down To One Bar” for a comedy party movie

How do you get that snarly guitar sound without losing tunefulness?  And off which pickup?

I think a lot of guitar tone is in your hands. I switch pickups a lot between the neck, bridge and middle positions so I think it has a lot to do with your hands…

Please tell me about the song Angel Eyes Of Blue

Angel Eyes Of Blue is a s song about how my daughter’s love never let me down and how relationships with other women always went bad, my daughters love for me was always true and pure and I am so grateful for her…she saved my life

Which is your favourite album by Jimi Hendrix?

All of them! (laughs) That’s a tough one amigo! I would have to say for sheer intense guitar playing it’s Band Of Gypsys

High Life – is this a song you would play live?  Any thoughts on the number

Oh yes! High Life is one of our most favourite numbers to play live! Again it’s another song about my baby daughter and how she saved my life when she was born!

Why is Tell The Truth the title cut on this new Mascot set?

It’s the first song we recorded when we started recording the album. It’s what the album is all about…the truth

Please tell me two things an artist should NEVER do on stage? 

Not tune up your guitar before you go out there and don’t pass out from drinking too much..sadly I’ve done both (laughs)

What things did working at an early age with the great entertainer Lucky Peterson give to you, as an artist?

 The first thing was that playing with Lucky took me abroad. I began traveling all over the world. Lucky taught me how to be a band leader and the importance of learning each instrument in the rhythm section to do so.

Which Peterson lad is the most reliable?? I am due to speak with them 


I try to always write songs on a you ever play one? What make / model? 

Not usually, however, I do love the sound of a great 12 string

What’s the Lance Lopez Road Diet?   How do you look after your voice?

I try to eat a lot healthier nowadays. I like fresh fish, chicken with soups and salads now and lots of fresh fruit but I have to have a good steak every now and then…and when I am there I’m going to have to sneak over to the chippy

Does watching Eric Gales play do your head in? haha..that flipped thang 

I’ve known Eric for so many years now I’m so used to it! (laughs) He can play licks most normal humans can’t because he plays upside down

You get the chance to record a Dylan song with Beth Hart – which song do you suggest and why?

Tombstone Blues! It would be an honor to record with Beth! And if we had to do a Dylan tune it would have to be Tombstone Blues..It’s always been one of my favorite and I think it would fun

Please tell me about your current home town (which is…?)

Well I’m currently back in Shreveport, Louisiana which is where I was born…after being in Texas for almost 30 years its great to be back in Louisiana…the food is great and it’s very laid back. Kenny Wayne Shepherd and (Elvis Guitarist) James Burton live in the area. 

The radio is on in the kitchen – what song makes you want to turn UP? And what song make you want to turn OFF?

I have been listening to Muddy Waters Pandora station a lot and some great songs come on there! I usually turn it up when I hear any number of great old blues songs…What I don’t listen to is modern pop music…I respect the kids and the little girls that are out there dancing and doing it…but it just ain’t my thing.

Pete Sargeant 

Lance Lopez


(Thanks to the Mascot crew and Lance for his answers)

Feature Image and Live Photos (Lance Lopez and Eric Gales) Credit: John Bull /Rockrpix Photography

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