Kat Eaton

Kat Eaton – When You’re Not Around EP

One of the best things about Ms Eaton is that she seems so pleased to be singing, performing, entertaining. To describe her musical style, it’s almost best to tell you what she isn’t. Kat is not a twister of notes all over the shop a la Mariah Carey.
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Paul Weller

Paul Weller – A Kind Revolution (Deluxe Edition)

I liked a lot of Weller’s last release Saturn’s Pattern and its playful sonic energy and range. Weller seemed to be getting best out of his players and his own playing had the boldness that fans cherish.
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The Fabulous Thunderbirds

The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Strong Like That

Kim Wilson has become over time an almost John Mayall figure within US music – sticking to the music that brought him initial fame and always changing his backing musicians. I read a piece a while ago wherein Wilson opined that touring with younger players was refreshing as the old-timers did little but say how good things were Back Then….
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Naturally 7

Naturally 7 – Both Sides Now

The accomplished American singing group return with a new album. It’s good to hear their voices again, blending mellow and enthralling, smooth and rousing. This time around they have some guest artists aboard.
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Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm

Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm – Family Ghost

Produced by Lauren Hoffman and John Morand, this is an act new to me but the recordings seem to have been completed in Richmond, Virginia. The song titles point to an emotional trip, don’t they? At which point we press PLAY….
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Devon Allman – Ride Or Die

As any rational human being should really be, Devon Allman cares about the Earth and his fellow Earthlings, but does not let his fears and concerns taint his music with the negative. read more

Dreamgirls – OST

So… thirty five years after its original inception, a new theatre musical version the show and of course in the wake of the fabulously-received musical film heads for London and this double-CD album gives us all the songs. read more

Alice Cooper – 21 Reasons To Love Alice Cooper

There’s something endearing about the notion of one of the Great Wild Men Of Rock playing golf with the late dry-as-dust comedian George Burns. But Alice Cooper – born Vincent Furnier – has some intrinsic skills that have ensured his staying power as a performer. read more

Sheryl Crow – Be Myself

An artist who never strays far from rock and roots music and selects musical cohorts who will act as catalyst figures in arranging and recording. And that’s not as a cold business decision – or she would have Chris Martin or Sheeran in – but a brave challenge to herself to take chances and keep things fresh. read more

Garland Jeffreys – 14 Steps To Harlem

One fascinating guy and creator – best friend of the late Lou Reed no less – and a songwriter who can take in any style and pull it off. Born into the explosion of culture on all fronts, Jeffreys has witnessed plenty in New York and beyond and never had a fear of making social commentary. read more

The Franklys – Are You Listening?

Castaway wastes no time in pumping out the edgy rock style that The Franklys have been honing by touring, legato guitar runs threading through the melee as Jennifer Ahlkvist sings in her best Debbie Harry-goes-Velvet Underground voice. read more

Tove Lo – Lady Wood

Reviewing every kind of music means that one minute you are writing about a polished mainstream singing act like Collabro, then a funk-duo who are friends with Snoop Dogg and then the next an out-there Swedish pop songstress garnering International attention and even whose logo is overtly sensual…. read more

Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts

At this point in the Finnish star’s life she has much to write about. As an established blues-rock performer she already has a keen following in many countries, especially for her slide guitar style but from my recent speaking with Erja herself, an overall burning desire to write, arrange and sing and play an ever-wider range of material. read more

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