Lots Holloway

Lots Holloway – World’s On Fire (Single)

Born in Cornwall and writing her own lyrics from an early age, Lots lets her social conscience come to the fore on this single release World’s On Fire. The words matter to her and fuel her song delivery but the number has a hook.
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Post Modern JukeBox

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – The Essentials

We were there when this group first played London and met several of the members including very briefly project leader Scott Bradlee, after the show. The act tours with a formidable array of male and female vocalists who can all harmonise, backed by a small old-time dance band, the kind you might have seen in the late 40s in New York or Chicago.
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Jesse & Joy

Jesse & Joy – Jesse & Joy

Here comes Latin America’s much-favoured musical duo with their first dual-language album..the Mexican pairing have amassed a string of Grammys, No 1 chart hits and 1.5+ billion views on YouTube. They have put this album release together from their four studio albums so you could regard as a kind of Best Of…so far
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David Bowie

David Bowie – No Plan EP (The Final Studio Recordings)

The sad sub-title is quite a proclamation. Chronologically these may well be the last recordings of The Thin White Duke. But there surely will be further unreleased studio material to be put out, in time.
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Nick Capaldi

Nick Capaldi – Neon Heart

Spotted on the MOJO magazine cd celebrating Paul McCartney last year, Nick Capaldi has now prepared an album for release
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Marcus Malone – A Better Man

Produced by Marcus and engineered by the late and much-missed Roger Cotton, this record is the latest from the Detroit-born blues-rock vocalist, his first since Stand Or Fall. My memory bank recalls that he was one of the many stars who performed at a benefit show where we all turned up and coughed up to help with Walter Trout’s medical costs when he needed a transplant…. read more

Krissy Matthews – Live At Freak Valley

A proper live album is what Matthews claims to deliver here, folks. As in, not ‘fixed’ in the studio later. In the past some performance recordings have had so many parts touched up or even replaced by engineers that they can hardly claim to be ‘Live’. Or ‘Dangerous’… I will say no Moore. read more

The Gift – Altar

Recorded in partly in Portugal, these tracks reflect a number of factors – a creative compositional run from keys player Nuno Goncalves, mixing by Flood, a guest spot fromSonia Tavares, the wish to make a cohesive album based on a life story concept AND the involvement on the production of ex-Roxy Music man Brian Eno. read more

Collabro – Home

An album from this singing group with a strong musical theatre background and brave enough to set up their own record label. Apparently they won Britain’s Got Talent, a show I cannot bring myself to watch. I know no musicians anywhere who would want to be ‘judged’ by that panel. read more

Eric Gales – Middle Of The Road

Now if there is one label you could NEVER put on guitarist and singer Eric Gales, it is ‘middle of the road’…other musicians I meet speak of Gales in hushed tones, as ‘out there’, ‘inspired’ and ‘a mighty figure’. read more

Dan Clews – While Middle England Mows Its Lawn

Is that a smidgeon of contempt in that album title ? Why so ?..though I do recall an interesting indie outfit called The Strange Death Of Liberal England… some background info, then. The late Sir George Martin described our man as “Too great a talent to ignore” and dear Bob Harris calls Clews’ music “Landscape Folk”. read more

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