Nikka Costa

Nikka Costa – Nikka & Strings, Underneath and In Between

Long this writer’s favourite r&b singer, Nikka Costa’s recording are often played hereabouts. Her work with Prince is well-known and her duet on an early Van Hunt recording ( Mean Sleep) remains an example of stellar collaboration. So on this occasion she has completed a crowd-funding venture to create a collection of – mostly - versions of songs by others. And in the company of a set of string players.
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Jen Gloeckner

Jen Gloeckner – Vine

Iowa act Jen Gloeckner has some pretty interesting collaborators on this new record. The promo notes suggest similarities in style with Lana Del Ray, Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, P J Harvey. But I played it anyway….
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Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin – Without A Word

The master of the twanging electric guitar returns. We were all set to meet the man and talk guitars, this record and everything else, but his trip over from Australia for promo was cancelled, as we understand it for family reasons.
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Debbie Bond

Debbie Bond – Winds Of Change (Single)

With a career that embraces performing alongside Eddie Kirkland, Willie Smith and Johnny Shines, Bond heads to Tuscaloosa to record a song that winds up at Muscle Shoals for mixing and mastering. She sings, plays guitar, writes material and her multi-instrumental musical partner ‘Radiator’ Rick Asherson – warms the room wherever he goes – who grew up in England assists in creating this number.
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I, The Betrayer

I, The Betrayer – 7 EP

Seven songs from a rock band based in Oslo, Norway and in a suitably bleak and black album package. They look as though they have come to kick your door down. I always wish with metal bands that just one member would have a Fairisle sweater on, or a trilby hat…
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Kat Eaton – When You’re Not Around EP

One of the best things about Ms Eaton is that she seems so pleased to be singing, performing, entertaining. To describe her musical style, it’s almost best to tell you what she isn’t. Kat is not a twister of notes all over the shop a la Mariah Carey. read more

The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Strong Like That

Kim Wilson has become over time an almost John Mayall figure within US music – sticking to the music that brought him initial fame and always changing his backing musicians. I read a piece a while ago wherein Wilson opined that touring with younger players was refreshing as the old-timers did little but say how good things were Back Then…. read more

Naturally 7 – Both Sides Now

The accomplished American singing group return with a new album. It’s good to hear their voices again, blending mellow and enthralling, smooth and rousing. This time around they have some guest artists aboard. read more

Devon Allman – Ride Or Die

As any rational human being should really be, Devon Allman cares about the Earth and his fellow Earthlings, but does not let his fears and concerns taint his music with the negative. read more

Dreamgirls – OST

So… thirty five years after its original inception, a new theatre musical version the show and of course in the wake of the fabulously-received musical film heads for London and this double-CD album gives us all the songs. read more

Alice Cooper – 21 Reasons To Love Alice Cooper

There’s something endearing about the notion of one of the Great Wild Men Of Rock playing golf with the late dry-as-dust comedian George Burns. But Alice Cooper – born Vincent Furnier – has some intrinsic skills that have ensured his staying power as a performer. read more

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