Jon Allen

Jon Allen – Blue Flame

Easily one of our favourite songwriters, Allen has a husky, soulful voice to be envied and a way with a tune. Females love his intimate delivery and the chaps marvel at his melodic and emphatic guitar playing and slivers of harp.
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Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge – Safe In The Arms Of Time

I had a first listen to this new Rita Coolidge release without looking at any background notes or recording / players information, just to let the songs sink in and as a result was left with some firm impressions.
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Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne – Port Saint Joe

Nashville-based Brothers Osborne have returned with a brand new album following their incredibly successful debut album ‘Pawn Shop’.
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My Indigo

My Indigo -My Indigo

There’s a rather unusual inspiration to this release, leading to an album that both had to be made and is something of a left turn. The act is fronted by Sharon den Adel, star vocalist and songwriter with Within Temptation, well-known to conneisseurs of Female Fronted Symphonic Metal groups.
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Mike Zito

Mike Zito – First Class Life

Zito doesn’t go for that racing around, foot on the monitor, extreme face-pulling style of guitar. He just plays out and keeps his cool, channelling soul through his fingertips. Better still he doesn’t shout or groan, he actually sings..and if these comments puzzle you, you should hear a lot of the stuff we receive to review.
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Finbar Furey – Don’t Stop This Now

Long and deservedly a folk icon in Ireland and globally, hearing this very varied set of new songs from Finbar Furey is not just refreshing but really an intriguing pile of aural postcards that make the listener think as well as enjoy the singing, the melodies, the contribution of the players. read more

Bernard Allison – Let It Go

Allison’s latest release arrives amidst extensive plans to tour. He’s never far from a stage and like dad Luther this seems to be his natural habitat, a chance to sing, play and connect with established fans and the uninitiated. read more

John Mayall – Three For The Road

This release finds veteran Mayall leading a trio-format crew on various stages for this live album. Something of a departure as John usually has a hotshot lead guitarist on board, but this decision does mean that the three musicians have to adapt to the configuration and play out and it does bring something fresh out of the songs included. read more

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